Monday Morning Reading

It was a busy weekend, what with the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show having camped out in Salt Lake City. I spent quite a bit of time Saturday and Sunday at the show, looking at the latest in outdoor gear and clothing and talking about parks issues with a variety of individuals, and not as much time in front of my computer.
While I was away, there were a couple news stories that focused on problems in national parks. One, by John Glionna of the Los Angeles Times, took a look at noise levels in the parks. Though there's not a lot of "new" news in this story, Glionna nicely frames the arguments, pro and con, over whether snowmobiles, ATVs and personal watercraft should be buzzing about the parks.
Now, if you want a pretty thorough recounting of the snowmobile wars in Yellowstone, check out John Adams' story, "Snow Job," that ran in the Missoula Independent last week. It's fairly lengthy, so you might want to print it out.