National Parks Traveler Launches User Forums

User forums have arrived at National Parks Traveler!

It took longer than it should have, but user forums finally have been added to National Parks Traveler. Use them to share information, get your questions answered, and even launch your own posts about the national park system.

The forums run a wide gamut of national park-related issues, from how to make the most from your national park visit and lodging deals to park politics and wildlife.

The Traveler Forum is your place to play. One of the goals we had when Traveler 2.0 was launched was to further build community around the National Park System, and the forums are another step in accomplishing that goal. No longer do you need to hold your fingers for a post to resonate before you comment. Now you can launch your own topic about the parks (as long as you're a logged in, authenticated Traveler user. If not, you'll only be able to comment to existing topics, not initiate threads.)

Now, get in there and play!



I just spent a week in Nicaragua facilitating a training course for Nicaraguan rangers and others who share in protecting this country's protected area system. Here's a question for our fellow NPT colleagues. Leaving, for a moment, the US outside this question, in what country have Traveler members found the rangers (or whatever that country calles them whether it be wardens, or park guards, or environmental agents) most knowledgable and well trained? And while they are at it, maybe NPT respondents could also list their five favorite national parks or protected areas outside the US.


Rick Smith


Queensland Parks and Wildlife, Queensland Australia. Well trained hands on park rangers who regularly sleep in the bush on a swag (aussie for bedroll) to perform a multitude of National Park duties from feral animal control, native species inventory, beach protection, trail construction, fire management, weed control and more. The best and most knowledgeable staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with.



I was impressed by the many Australian rangers whom I met at the International Ranger Federation's World Ranger Congress held in Wilsons Promontory NP in Victoria, Austrailia. They seemed to have their heads screwed on right. It was an impressive group. You made a good choice.

BTW, while visiting neighboring New Zealand on the same trip, I went to a national park that I had to add to my list of favorite national parks, Fjordlands NP on the South Island. It contains awesomely beautiful scenery.