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**** Viewing National Parks Traveler on Firefox 3.0****


The release of Firefox 3.0 has created a formatting problem when viewing National Parks Traveler. We're aware of this and are working to correct the problem. In the meantime, you might want to hold off from upgrading.



I'm hoping (hopeful?) that I've found a tech who can solve the problem by mid-October at the latest (might be sooner, but I've got travel that could delay things).

Thanks for hanging in there....

Any word on the patch/update for FF 3.0?

ditto. this thing looks fine.

Yeah, but that module usually only contains the five most recent posts. On good days there might be five or six kicked out, and if you rise too late or miss a day, well, you'll miss the juice;-) And don't forget the featured post.

You've made the juice too accessible by the backdoor! I usually follow a link directly to an article from my Yahoo module. While that article is up, the Visitor Center and Recent Comments appear on the right. That's all I need. Now, if you hide those frames, I'll be forced to go to the front page, which would make me angry....and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. ;-)

Kirby, you don't go to the front page?!?$#?!!! That's where all the juice is!

Ted, Bill's paying me to thwart FF.

Anon, yeah, we saw the problem with Safari, too. Not sure what became of that.

Beamis, flattery will get you nowhere. But remember the sentiment once we get the non-profit;-)

It's too late because I upgraded before I knew of the consequences. I'll scroll down and see what I'm missing. No biggie. You're worth the hassle Kurt.

It was sometimes like that with 2.0 on a Mac as well, and with Safari.

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