Update: Virgin Islands National Park Takes a Swipe, not a Direct Hit, from Hurricane Omar

NOAA photo.

Hurricane Omar, a category three storm, affected parts of the Virgin Islands on Thursday.

As is often the case when communications are interrupted in the aftermath of storms, there was some confusion in reports being received Friday from the Islands.
The U. S. Virgin Islands includes three separate islands: St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. Land and facilities for Virgin Islands National Park are centered on the island of St. John.

A story on storm damage in the park posted earlier today on the Traveler was based on information provided by the NPS this morning. It now appears that this information was originally prepared by the park on Thursday, shortly after the storm's passage, but was delayed due to communication problems resulting from the storm.

An e-mail on Friday afternoon from a reporter on St. John indicated that her portion of St. John escaped significant damage, and has power and phones. She also reported that ferries are running again between St. Thomas and St. John, but that St. Croix had apparently received more damage.

If you have travel plans to the area in the near future, you should certainly confirm the situation at your destination before heading to the Islands.