Kurt's Yampa River Sojourn Marks Step for a Day

Yampa River overlook. Photo by heartburn via Wikimedia.

Traveler Editor Kurt Repanshek's excursion on the Yampa River in Dinosaur National Monument is interrupted by foul weather (rain the first day, snow the second). Kurt is still using his SPOT GPS gizmo to indicate his campsite locations and let us know he’s OK.

You can visit this site to see where Kurt camped Monday and Tuesday night. Be sure to click on the Satellite mode and zoom in tight.

Has anybody calculated the distance that Kurt traveled on the river Tuesday? Like, zero?


Prof Bob, with my trusty slide rule, abacus, slate and chaulk, it apears that Kurt spent the day exploring Starvation Canyon. Both Grids are in the approx location of each other and are probably less than a football field apart. I suspect that he might have traveled Starvation Canyon between 3 and 6 miles, up and back to the campsite. Along the way stoping to look for Gold.

Semper Fi

Thanks, Omar. I was a tad suspicious about the similarity of the two sets of coordinates (see below), which is why I raised the question of river mileage traveled Tuesday. Still, I didn't put the two pieces of the puzzle together quite the way you did. Nice catch.

+40° 29' 27.96", -108° 49' 20.28" (Monday nite)

+40° 29' 30.84", -108° 48' 55.08" (Tuesday nite)

Bob, is Kurt's GPS unit automatically uploading his lat/long to Google Maps?

Robert Mutch
Executive Director,
Crater Lake Institute
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Somebody who's a lot more GPS-savvy than I am will have to answer that, Robert. I do know that Kurt has a Garmin 60CSx GPS unit with him, but I know nothing about its communication capabilities. And if you've read Kurt's article about his SPOT GPS gizmo, you know as much about SPOT communication capabilities as I do.