Snow Storm Still Battering Rocky Mountain National Park

Winter continues to deliver a few well-placed, late-season kicks to Rocky Mountain National Park, where plow crews are struggling to keep up with nearly 3 feet of snow that have fallen in some areas of the park in the past 24 hours.

Park snowplows have been clearing roads since early this morning. It's still snowing on the eastern side of the park, and roads are temporarily closed at Beaver Meadows Entrance and Fall River Entrance. Plow operators are focusing initially on the US 36/US 34 loop between the two entrance stations (Trail Ridge Road to Deer Ridge Junction and Fall River Road to Endovalley).

Then they will concentrate their efforts on the road to Bear Lake. The plow operators are also working on pull offs and parking areas so visitors have locations to park and/or turn around. Roadways will reopen as soon as it can be done safely.


Springtime in the Rockies.

I was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, and spring snows were always a misery.

These late spring storms can be a bit of a hassle for travelers--and some of the locals are a bit weary of shoveling by now -- but the moisture will be a big help for the upcoming summer.