Terrain Map Shows that Kurt’s Wednesday Campsite on the Yampa Was Way Cool

Yampa River overlook.

After spending Tuesday ashore, presumably hiking in Starvation Canyon, Kurt Repanshek headed down the Yampa River again Wednesday and ensconced himself at a new campsite for the night. SPOT has marked the spot in the rugged Dinosaur National Monument terrain, and we invite you to have a look.

If you look here, you’ll be able to zoom in for a great satellite view of Kurt’s Wednesday campsite area. Be sure to have a look at the Terrain map (click at the upper right).

If you’ve been following Kurt’s trip, you now have these four sets of coordinates marking his progress and can see that he spent Wednesday on a westering course that took him a bit south as well.

+40° 28' 4.44", -108° 34' 33.60" (Sunday night)

+40° 29' 27.96", -108° 49' 20.28" (Monday night)

+40° 29' 30.84", -108° 48' 55.08" (Tuesday night)

+40° 28' 45.48", -108° 54' 25.20" (Wednesday night)

Using the Directions component of the website, we can easily determine that Kurt traveled about 6.8 miles "as the crow flies" Wednesday. I trust that Omar will work his magic once again and tell us the whats and wheres of the river segment Kurt traveled yesterday. (Semper fi, Omar.)

Meanwhile, it looks like Kurt’s Wednesday campsite was about 400 feet east of the river at the base of a pretty impressive cliff across from Red Rock Canyon. See for yourself by choosing the Terrain mode (topographic map) at the upper right.

I’ll bet the scenery is magnificent.

Postscript: Here’s a little puzzler for you to work out. The terrain map shows that Kurt’s Wednesday camp was about 5,180 feet above sea level. How does that compare with the altitude of his Sunday night camp?


I took the his coordinates (40.4793,-108.907) from Wednesday night and stuck them into Google Earth to "fly to" and with the ability to choose layers one gets more information on a given area than Google Maps, anyway looks like he was at Laddie Park campsite.

You're quite correct, Random Walker. Are you using Google Earth as a browser plugin?

Bob, no, it's the dloaded program, did not know there was a browser plug in, a new toy!
Whoa! That baby is a RAM HOG!

Sorry. I guess that's why people prefer the downloaded program. I say "I guess" because I have never used Google Earth. Should I? Is the software user-friendly, I mean really moron-proof?

Oh, yes. Google Earth is EXTREMELY friendly. You will have no problems.

Just be careful at first when loading up too many special features you want to see on your maps. Your interest in so many things, Bob, is so dazzling, that you will have to make sure you don't get carried away !