National Park Mystery Photo 9: What Sort of Reviewing Stand Might This Be?

Mystery Photo 10. It's made out of wood and painted white, but what was it used for and where is it? Photo by Larry Repanshek.

National parks weren't created only to protect spectacular scenery. Many cultural and historic treasures are protected by the National Park System. Which brings us to this week's Mystery Photo.

What sort of structure might this be? What was it created for? Is it still used these days? And where is it located?


The structure was used for hangings and it is not used today ...not sure exactly where it is

Good job, Anon. This strange looking structure was indeed used for public hangings, and it is no longer in use today (at least, not that we know of!). Now then, can you pin down the location?

It is at Fort Smith Historic Site.

Fort Smith, Arkansas

Yes, indeedy. As Anon has pointed out, you'll find this particular historic structure at Fort Smith National Historic Site in Fort Smith, Arkansas. (We'll give Rangertoo credit for honoring the point.) Be sure to read Kurt's posting on this topic in tomorrow's Traveler. There's an interesting (if somewhat gruesome) story behind this structure and its use.

Should put this to good use again to deter Wall Street crooks and crooked politicians. Especially those that ruined this country for the last past eight years.

Yes. This was used for hanging. I saw it at Fort Smith National Historic Park . On the Arknsas River in Arkansas. How cool is that...hanging and all...