National Park Mystery Photo 11: And What Room Might This Be?

OK, this is probably too easy, but the image was just too unique not to get it into the Traveler in some fashion.

Correctly answer where in the National Park System this can be found -- extra points for the specific location -- and we'll spot you two correct answers on Professor Bob's next quiz.


Minute man missile National Historic site. Launch control center Delta-01

Pretty darn good, Djjefffrey100. We'll have to dock you a couple of points for careless spelling, though. It's Minuteman Missile National Historic site.

Methinks this was an inside job, Bob. Could Djjeffrey100 have been, or currently is, a missileer?

I doubt that he's a missileer, Kurt. Heck, I seriously doubt that he even knows how to spell the word. :0)

If I'd known the answer, I would have been tempted to sign in as Strangelove or Gen. Jack D. Ripper.

Now wait a minute guys. In my own defense I got excited and added a space in Minuteman. Cut a guy some slack. I visited this site 2 years ago and was just a little quick with the enter button. Watch as I now take my time.

The Minuteman Missile National Historic Site.

See I can do it.

I told Bob you wouldn't take kindly to his comment....;-)

That said, darn good memory, Djjeffrey100. To have visited two years ago and nail it right down to which launch control center was depicted is pretty impressive!

Thank you. It's all good.

Well done, Djjeffrey100. You are forgiven.