New Virtual Exhibit on Siege of Vicksburg is a Treat for History Buffs and Teachers

Painting of siege of Vicksburg.

This lithograph of the siege of Vicksburg is included on the new web site. Library of Congress image

Abraham Lincoln said, "Vicksburg is the key. The war can never be brought to a close until that key is in our pocket." A new virtual exhibit on the siege of Vicksburg is now available on-line for the enjoyment of history buffs, and its also a useful tool for teachers.

The Park Museum Management Program and Vicksburg National Military Park have collaborated on a virtual museum exhibit on the Civil War siege of Vicksburg and related historical events.

This exhibit highlights one of the Civil War’s pivotal struggles, the battle for control of the Mississippi. It features life in Vicksburg during the devastating 47-day siege of 1863 and depicts the hardships of civilians and soldiers in a besieged city.

The exhibit gives richly illustrated insights into life aboard the U.S.S. Cairo, a Union ironclad gunboat in the "Brown Water" navy. On December 12, 1862, in the Yazoo River north of Vicksburg, the Cairo struck two underwater torpedoes and sank in 12 minutes, with no loss of life.

Preserved by mud and silt, the Cairo sat on the bottom of the river for 102 years. She was raised in 1964 and was later restored along with many of the objects that were found aboard. The recovered objects give a unique window into daily life and leisure time of Union officers and sailors during the Civil War.

To see the new exhibit, click on this link: