National Park Mystery Spot 2: You Walk Around, I’ll Walk In

Can you identify National Park Mystery Spot 1 with just these six clues?

Big boom

Big basket

You walk around, I’ll walk in

Hold on to your hat

Fourth planet from the sun

A vain, overly dramatic, confrontational female singer

Check back with Traveler tomorrow for the answer and an explanation of the clues.


I say it's Crater Lake and my husband thinks it's Cuyahoga Valley NP (I think he's stretching it here!)

Something round and windy....that looks like Mars....and Courtney Love hangs out there?

I give up.

Sorry, Susan. It's not Crater Lake or Cuyahoga.

Dammit, Kirby, I was counting on you. Man up and get back to work on this.

Wind Cave?

The trick is the sixth clue. I'm pretty sure that will be word play. The singer's name is the same as this spot. But I'm thinking of anything in the NPS named Madonna, Spears, or any of the other singers I can think of...

Looks like I have to enroll in GEOG370.

Diva Crater Park???

Castle Clinton National Monument?

Donner Pass? (is that in a national park?) (was posted in death valley. Prima donna--excessively demanding female singer--with a new england accent!) I sure enjoy the NPTraveler.

Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley?
(although I'm not sure how the last clue relates to it)

I have to agree with flathead. Ubehebe certainly fits all but the last clue. It's all I can think of that looks like a basket and made a big boom one day. And I'm certainly not walking in it!

Ranger Holly

Congrats to flathead, who has absolutely nailed it. The mystery spot is Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley National Park. I'll post a photo and a full explanation of the clues tomorrow. Meanwhile, out of respect for flathead, who is obviously a near-genius, I'll tell you about that last clue. The four-letter code for Death Valley National Park is DEVA, which invites pronunciation identical to the way we say "diva."