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Colorado National Monument Rangers Charge Man in Connection With Dog Killed By Dragging


A 37-year-old Colorado man was arrested Thursday in connection with the dragging death of a dog at Colorado National Monument.

A release from the monument said rangers arrested Steven Clay Romero, of Grand Junction, Colorado,at approximately 12:25 p.m. in Mesa County (Colorado) Courthouse. Mr. Romero was charged initially with a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals, the release said.

Park rangers believe the man took the dog, Buddy, a German Shepherd-Blue Heeler mix, stolen by others from Delta, Colorado, to Colorado National Monument in the early morning hours of December 30 and attached him to his truck and dragged him for 2 miles up the west hill of Rim Rock Drive with a rope tied around the dog's neck. The dog died of strangulation and was dumped at the roadside, the park said. A National Park Service employee discovered the gruesome scene at 4:30 a.m. on December 30.

A crime tip line was initiated and the tips received were key in leading park rangers and other law enforcement personnel to the suspect. Mr. Romero was appearing in court in Grand Junction on Thursday on other, unrelated, charges and was arrested as he exited the courtroom, the park release said.

The investigation is continuing and additional information will be provided when it becomes available.


Folks, some of the comments to this story are starting to push the envelope, so we're going to put a halt to them. While we all agree this was an atrocious, despicable incident, let's let the legal process run its course.

The punishment should be EQUAL to the suffering of the animal. Tie him to the back of a car and drive faster and faster up the hill and drag him to his death. Let him feel the terror and pain the animal felt at his hand. We have been far to forgiving to people who harm animals. I believe in equal abuse for those who abuse animals.

Let me take care of Romero. I have a pickup.

They say that cream rises to the top; well, so does scum. Just think, right now he's fouling up someone's nice clean jail. This man is well on his way down the Road to Perdition, and I hope he will be doomed to picking up all its roadkill. (I could think of stronger curses but generally this is a civilized forum.)

the article says "stolen by others". did they catch these "others"? i hope so. and i hope they too get the maximum punishment allowed by law.

if found guilty, give him to me. i will drag him back to michigan for you ! please keep us all informed of trial results. if the judge lets him off with anything less than the maximum, i will be glad to drag the judge back to michigan too !

Looks like good police work involved in this case. I would like to know what other crimes Mr. Romero was charged with. If convicted, let the crime fit the punishment harshly.
The harsher...the better!

It is hard to have compassion for a pathetic loser such as this person. To take a poor innocent creature that had done nothing to him and subject it to such cruelty makes this piece of trash sub-human. Even if the dog had bit him, it still did not deserve to be treated in such an abhorrent manner. Anyone who subject an animal to such violence will also treat children and partners the same. I hope he has not, and never, procreates; that would be truly a tragedy!

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