National Park Mystery Photo 16: Something Curious This Way Came

What is this, and where is it?

It seems to be flat, and it's certainly colorful, but what exactly is it? Answer that question and you'll know how it came to be.

Bonus points if you know where it is.


Is it a knot from a Redwood Tree in Redwood Forest CA?

It is not, but now that you mention it, I can see the similarities....

It is fire wound on the tree.

Afraid not.

I think it could be a piece of volcanic glass or a very large piece of amber. First from a volcanic eruption and the second from sap of a tree that has fosilized.

Is it petrified piece of wood in the Petrified Forest National Park?

Looks like a layer of sedimentary rock has peeled off of the base layer. The lines in the base are reminiscent of rock that has been scrubbed by a glacier.

Is it petrified piece of wood in the Petrified Forest National Park?

It reminds me a little of pipestone

Ranger Holly

I like the tree idea.

I'm thinking in terms of a wound where an animal scraped/rubbed the bark off of a pine.

My bet is a bear, rubbing to mark territory or to scratch an itch, but I won't feel bad if it is porcupine (obviously lower on the tree) or even other wildlife.

Maybe its petrified tree showing some missing bark.

Not volcanic glass, not amber, not pipestone. John's close, very close, but it's not sedimentary.

And no, not petrified tree.

The layer on top appears to have an embedment of organic debris, a mix of mud and dirt perhaps. So if the base layer has been scrubbed by a glacier, are we in Glacier National Park?

John, you're close enough. The exact wording I was hoping for were the type of rock having been given a coat of "glacial polish." I'll provide more details tomorrow when I "reveal" the photo.

As for its location, no, not Glacier.