They Teach How To Lace Snowshoes At Voyageurs National Park

Most snowshoes made these days have decking made out of Hypalon, a synthetic rubber fabric. But if you head to Voyageurs National Park in late January, you can be schooled in the art of lacing snowshoes the old-fashioned way, with rawhide.

On January 30 at the Rainy Lake Visitor Center the Laurentian Environmental Center’s senior naturalist, Jim DeVries, will teach a day-long course on how to lace snowshoes from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pre-registration and a fee are required.

The deadline for ordering snowshoes for the class is Wednesday, January 6, 2010. Call the Rainy Lake Visitor Center for information about ordering snowshoes - 218-286-5258. Participants should bring a sack lunch.