Celebrate National Wildlife Week In Your Favorite National Park

Where will you look for wildlife during National Wildlife Week? Wolverines can be found, although not easily, in Glacier National Park, while bighorn sheep are easily spied in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Are you looking for a fun way to kick start your spring and get involved in your community? Do you want to pull your kids away from a monitor or TV screen and help them appreciate wildlife? How about simply looking for an excuse to get lost in nature? The National Wildlife Federation has the answer: Celebrate National Wildlife Week, March 15-21!

For more than 70 years, the National Wildlife Federation has spent a week each spring honoring all that nature and wildlife provide. It’s a time to explore the world around us and instill a love of nature in our families and community.

How you spend National Wildlife Week is all up to you. Here are a few of the ways you can participate be a part of the nationwide celebration:

Take your family outside with our Family Activity Passport. The Passport has games, a week of wildlife exploration and tips for building a butterfly garden.

Prove that technology and nature can fit hand and hand. Grab your camera and head outside to take snapshots of nature. Submit your photos to Wildlife Watch and the Traveler's photo page. You can even share pics of your kids playing in nature with Green Hour.

Host an event with your friends or in your community to do something positive for wildlife. Clean up a stream, pick up trash, plant a schoolyard habitat – the list goes on and on!

Go on a Wildlife Watch adventure. Try to identify as many different species in nature. Look out for the spring migratory birds!

Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat! By creating habitat in your backyard or balcony, you are providing a haven for wildlife in need of food, shelter, water and a place to raise their young. It’s also a great learning tool for children!

Explore a new park! Use our NatureFind tool to discover a hidden treasure in your community.

Teachers can sign up for the ErthNxt Trees for the 21st Century program and plant trees with students in their schoolyard habitats.

Visit the National Wildlife Week website for more suggestions for outdoor family activities, games and lesson plans for in the classroom!

Remember: March 15th-21st is the time to be outside. Get wild, child!


Being in the great outdoors is much better than being inside. I had a great time riding my motorcycle in the Rocky Mountain National Park - great memories!