Crab Cam Comes To National Parks of the Pacific Islands

Those folks who work at the National Parks of the Pacific Islands have quite the sense of humor. True, it's a different sense of humor than the one us mainlanders possess, but it's funny just the same. Need proof? Just check out this "crab cam" video they posted the other day.

Be sure to have your volume turned on so you can hearing the lapping Pacific waters and the gulls!

Sorry, no word on what park or which beach this was filmed on.


I can't get it to work =(

That's odd. It should start pretty much automatically. Did you click on the arrow?

I don't get an arrow. The only thing that comes up is that little window with the icons for saving, printing, e-mail, or opening a pictures folder

According to the description at YouTube it was filmed at Pelekane Beach in Pu'ukohola Heiau National Historic Site:

Well I found out it's the gov't computer that won't let me watch it. I was able to watch it on my home computer with no issues. All the fun stuff is blocked =(