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National Park Mystery Photo 20: What Curious Thing Is This?

Where might you find this object in the National Park System? National Park System file photo.

Time is reflected in the worn profile of this animal, that much is obvious. But where in the National Park System can you set your eyes upon it?


I guess armadillo!

Based on the size of the wood grain in the background, I suspect it's a metal casting used as a door handle, coat hook, or wildlife gargoyle decoration at a lodge I'm not rich enough to have ever been to.

I'd bet on a deer against RW's fox.

It looks like a mule deer with those ears. But I don't have a clue from what park it could be from. More than likely one out west, vs one in the east. That is my best guesstimate.

I can see where Random Walker might guess coyote or fox, but those animals have their eyes facing forward. This animal's eyes appear to be on the sides of the face, indicating a prey animal, not a predator.

O.K. So you didn't say no to my animal guesses, just to the locale. Next guess: Zion

Looks like a coyote to me, maybe a fox.. naw coyote, where I have not a clue.

Hmmm, very odd, very odd. No, not from Glacier, and no, not a coat rack from any lodge, affordable nor not.

I'll be curious to learn if folks can see the full photo in tomorrow's answer.

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