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National Park Mystery Spot 9: It Helps to Know the Capital of Louisiana


Our national park mystery spot is a building somewhere in the coterminous states. To know exactly where it is, you must put some clues together first.

How shapely the moon when first she waxes after hiding her face.

If first there is a rumble and then there is a roar, water may wreck this building like the ones in sixty-four.

The first place you’d look for the top banana is right here.

It would be a first-rate coincidence if the top banana were to hail from the capital of Louisiana.

If you look in the Red Book, you'll see that the first ones here didn’t get top billing.

Sitting near one oh one, it’s at one and one and one and one astride the first street north of Front.

Be sure to check in with Traveler tomorrow for the answer and an explanation of the clues.


Cornell, the problem with calling that particular hint a red herring is that the statement is absolutely true.

"It Helps to Know the Capital of Louisiana" was a red herring.

Whew! Thanks for letting me off easy. I was sure I was going to have to shift into full weaselspeak mode, which is always very stressful.

Right you are, sorry, I went the other way.

Ouch! Why do I get the feeling that you guys are beating up on me? Here's the deal. Citing New Orleans, nickname "The Crescent City," would have been a dead giveaway. (Hey; you don't want these things to be too easy do you?) I used Baton Rouge to give you just a hint. Baton rouge is French for "red stick," which is just close enough to "red wood" to help.

Oh, I get it - "Crescent City, Ca" Well Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana not New Orlanes (the crescent city). Thanks

What does "it helps to know the capital of Louisiana" have to do with this answer? Which is Baton Rouge.

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