National Park Mystery Photo 22: Where Do You Need To Travel For This Shot?

Would Carmen Sandiego know where this shot was taken?

There are lots of great places to paddle in the National Park System, and lots of parks with caves and grottoes along their shorelines. But which unit of the system would you have to visit for this particular shot?


Pictured Rocks in Michigan

Is it Pictured Rocks?

Is this Kayenta sandstone? Then it should be at Glenn Canyon NRA or Canyonland NP , as these are the only parks with the Kayenta formation at water level - at least as far as I know. As the picture shows no sign of falling water levels, it probably is not on Lake Powell. which might point to Canyonlands. On the other hand they don't carry much equipment and Canyonlands usually is a multi day canoe trip. In any way, I'm not familiar enough with the area to know the exact spot.

Looks like Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Pictured Rocks in the UP

Picture rocks in the U.P. of Michigan

Well, several things come immediately to mind.

1. Obviously I need to get up earlier to start answering these guesses.

2. Pictured Rocks and Apostle Islands look quite similar to one another, and a bit similar to Glen Canyon.

3. I'm going to have to dig deeper into the files to come up with more difficult shots.

Kudos to Eric for the first correct answer, and to Kirby for his conviction in the shot being from Apostle Islands. Tomorrow we'll provide a bit more insight on this shot.

Got the guide hired for Apostle Islands kayaking in August already!

Looks like Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore line a few miles east of Munising, Michigan. Hope I'm right because I'm a Yooper!

Cathedral in the Desert, Glen Canyon NRA.

I know the answer has been given already, but I'm going to guess "Big Bend National Park" in Texas. Hyuck, Hyuck, Hyuck...

Clearly it is Apostles Island.