Reader Participation Day Bonus: How Many National Park-Designated Units of the National Park System Have You Visited?

Is Shenandoah National Park on your life list yet? NPS photo by J.F. Mitchell.

How many of the National Park-designated NPS units have you visited? To help you with your tally, here’s a list of all 58.

Acadia (Maine)
Arches (Utah)
Badlands (South Dakota)
Big Bend (Texas)
Biscayne (Florida)
Black Canyon of the Gunnison (Colorado)
Bryce Canyon (Utah)
Canyonlands (Utah)
Capitol Reef (Utah)
Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexico)
Channel Islands (California)
Congaree (South Carolina)
Crater Lake (Oregon)
Cuyahoga Valley (Ohio)
Death Valley (California-Nevada)
Denali (Alaska)
Dry Tortugas (Florida)
Everglades (Florida)
Gates of the Arctic (Alaska)
Glacier Bay (Alaska)
Glacier (Montana)
Grand Canyon (Arizona)
Grand Teton (Wyoming)
Great Basin (Nevada)
Great Sand Dunes (Colorado)
Great Smoky Mountains (Tennessee-North Carolina)
Guadalupe Mountains (Texas)
Haleakalā (Hawaii)
Hawai‘i Volcanoes (Hawaii)
Hot Springs (Arkansas)
Isle Royale (Michigan)
Joshua Tree (California)
Katmai (Alaska)
Kenai Fjords (Alaska)
Kings Canyon (California)
Kobuk Valley (Alaska)
Lake Clark (Alaska)
Lassen Volcanic (California)
Mammoth Cave (Kentucky)
Mesa Verde (Colorado)
Mount Rainier (Washington)
National Park of American Samoa
North Cascades (Washington)
Olympic (Washington)
Petrified Forest (Arizona)
Redwood (California)
Rocky Mountain (Colorado)
Saguaro (Arizona)
Sequoia (California)
Shenandoah (Virginia)
Theodore Roosevelt (North Dakota)
Virgin Islands (Virgin Islands)
Voyageurs (Minnesota)
Wind Cave (South Dakota)
Wrangell-St. Elias (Alaska)
Yellowstone (Wyoming-Montana-Idaho)
Yosemite (California)
Zion (Utah)


13 out of 58 ain't bad.

We've visited 30 of these sites and will be going to Alaska and North Dakota this summer so will get in six more! National Parks are the best!

33 for us. Looks like we need to get to Alaska!

32 here. Wow. I had never counted before. Better yet, I had the wonderful opportunity to live and work in three of them.

I've been to 39 of the 58 and every Park is a national treasure.

28, though if you count a visit to the Isle Royale visitor center in Houghton, Michigan, then it's 29.

29. Have never been to AK and haven't spent much time east of the Rockies.

29, without having been to AK or spending much time east of the Rockies.

15 ain't to shabby. I plan on seeing more.

22 for me. I guess I need to get busy!

Fourteen. Way too few. The mountains are calling and I must go.

15 of 58 in US but visited some of Canada's as well. Working on my short list of all 58 but have not retired yet. Each and everyone is a treasure.

27 -- check with me in a couple of weeks and it will go up to 29

We have been to 22, BUT have not been to Congaree, which is only about 55 miles from our home.

Kurt,I have had the great opportunity to visit all of them.It was on my bucket list.I thank God everyday for that. People ask all the time whats your favorite.My answer is all of them.They all have their own personality.Some may say only the rich can do this,I disagree it was using off seasons,driving to Alaska, looking for bargains,cruise to Hawaii and rented a car on the islands rather than the expensive tours.If it's in your heart to do it it can be done.

Eighteen if you count those I went to as a child, many years ago. Only 10 if you count only those I've been to as an adult. I hope to visit several more this summer.

13 - will hopefully be 15 after my trip to Washington State this summer!

12 for me. Hitting the Great Smoky Mountains this year. Still have lots to see in this great country.

We've visited 21.

Only 6, but we've been to them multiple times.

Earl - How wonderful that you have been to all 58 National Parks!! That's amazing! Thank you for the encouragement with this post. My dream the day our daughters were born was to have my family visit all the National Park sites. We've been to 155 and so we are a long way from [visiting all 392]. But your post is an encouragement!

Only 30 National Parks for me, but I've been to 177 NPS units!

16 and will get in Olympic and Mt Rainier this fall. Kings Canyon and Sequoia next year and maybe Death Valley.

34, not bad when you consider I live in the UK. Efficient use of vacation time is the answer.

14 so far and hopefully one more this year.

25 and adding 5 more this summer!

28 and counting. Most of the 28 more than one time.

12 but I plan on seeing at least four more this year.

30 for me. I need to get to Florida, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest!

25 for me and my wife. Like others it's our goal to visit them all. The birth of our first child last year has slowed our travels temporarily but we can't wait to share our passion with her. If anyone is interested I've created a Google map of the 58 NPS units that currently have National Park status here:,-117.773437&spn=95.809555,144.316406&z=3
You can also check out my website,, which has photos from many of the parks.

only 30. But, I'm angling for Channel Islands this October, I hope to get to Capitol Reef (and Grand Staircase Escalante) this fall, and North Cascades & Mount Rainier & Olympic owe me a trip perhaps next summer.

Thanks,It really started back when I retired at 55 and we were at Great Smoky Mountains Natl Park and my wife bought me this big Natl Park Book listing the 58 parks and a page for each one.I said to her that day before I die we are going to get a park stamp from everyone of these parks.What an adventure it was.Had not made the Hawaii ones but when I got cancer we said lets get our butts in gear.So after my surgery we went.I have kept notes on how we got to the parks and what we did.Hope my grand kids enjoy what grandpa and grandma did and that travel inspires them.It's Gods gift to man kind.I thank God for that and for allowing me to enjoy them in person.

18, but I am closing in on 200 of the 390 or so total NPS units :-)

A dozen or so and many more of the larger NPS family. Happily stamping away on my NPS Passport.

A dozen or so and many more of the larger NPS family. Happily stamping away on my NPS Passport.

17 so far! Planning to add a LOT more once we retire!!

29 great places on our list

14 and counting

I've been to 24 so far. My first National Park was Shenandoah. Three good friends and I went on our first real road trip after our high school graduation in 1994. My most recent National Park visit was at Voyageurs National Park. My wife and I visited in January to do some skiing and snowshoeing.

17 and still counting.

28 counting those with my parents, those with my kids and the rest as a senior. Next month it's time to finally go to the Channel Islands.

A lively thread without ORVs and beach access? Sounds great.

My number is not that impressive: 19 plus the Ventura Visitor Center of Channel Islands - haven't made it to the islands yet but to the VC on the mainland.

11 for me. Hope to add Canyonlands next month

Only 12 so far, but with our son living in Utah plan on doing several more in the next few years. He also has the NPS bug and camps with his family at a National Park every summer.

Exactly half, 29, if I'm allowed to count parks that I visited before they were designated parks (Cuyahoga, Death Valley), and the Channel Islands VC. Can a judge issue a ruling on these? :)

19 for me, although it would have been an even 20 had a tropical storm not got in the way a scheduled visit to Fort Jefferston (Dry Tortugas). I would admit that a few of those visits were exceedingly short. The same storm canceled the snorkeling boat trip I had planned at Biscayne, as well as reduced the number of tourists later that week for the glass-bottomed boat tour. Apparently they won't even run the boat tour unless they feel they can achieve break-even with fuel costs, which was 6 at the time. I spent maybe an hour at the main visitor center and walking on their short boardwalk. We drove through Death Valley quickly in the summer - long enough to take photos at Badwater, grab an Icee at the Furnace Ranch convenience store, and pay our entrance fee (or at least flash a pass) at the visitor center. For that particular trip, we sort of barnstormed and got 9 national parks in less than 4 weeks.

And CAPTCHA for me is "family begone"???

This is testing our memory...but we have been to 45 definitely, and maybe another two. And we've enjoyed them all---some more than others---but nevertheless, they all are impressive, inspiring, and different!

After years and years of traveling and camping in all the 50 states, we've stopped at most of the national parks and at many other units of the National Park Service again and again, and yet, we still have so many more to go before we can say we've seen them all! "America's Best Idea" is really great!

33 parks so far. Thankfully, there are more beautiful places to look forward to :)

14 and looking to do more. And I've now done 56 of the NPS sites. Would love to do them all.

20 for me and I returned to many of those parks time and time again. Hoping to hit Arches and Mesa Verde again this summer.