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Reader Participation Day Bonus: How Many National Park-Designated Units of the National Park System Have You Visited?


Is Shenandoah National Park on your life list yet? NPS photo by J.F. Mitchell.

How many of the National Park-designated NPS units have you visited? To help you with your tally, here’s a list of all 58.

Acadia (Maine)
Arches (Utah)
Badlands (South Dakota)
Big Bend (Texas)
Biscayne (Florida)
Black Canyon of the Gunnison (Colorado)
Bryce Canyon (Utah)
Canyonlands (Utah)
Capitol Reef (Utah)
Carlsbad Caverns (New Mexico)
Channel Islands (California)
Congaree (South Carolina)
Crater Lake (Oregon)
Cuyahoga Valley (Ohio)
Death Valley (California-Nevada)
Denali (Alaska)
Dry Tortugas (Florida)
Everglades (Florida)
Gates of the Arctic (Alaska)
Glacier Bay (Alaska)
Glacier (Montana)
Grand Canyon (Arizona)
Grand Teton (Wyoming)
Great Basin (Nevada)
Great Sand Dunes (Colorado)
Great Smoky Mountains (Tennessee-North Carolina)
Guadalupe Mountains (Texas)
Haleakalā (Hawaii)
Hawai‘i Volcanoes (Hawaii)
Hot Springs (Arkansas)
Isle Royale (Michigan)
Joshua Tree (California)
Katmai (Alaska)
Kenai Fjords (Alaska)
Kings Canyon (California)
Kobuk Valley (Alaska)
Lake Clark (Alaska)
Lassen Volcanic (California)
Mammoth Cave (Kentucky)
Mesa Verde (Colorado)
Mount Rainier (Washington)
National Park of American Samoa
North Cascades (Washington)
Olympic (Washington)
Petrified Forest (Arizona)
Redwood (California)
Rocky Mountain (Colorado)
Saguaro (Arizona)
Sequoia (California)
Shenandoah (Virginia)
Theodore Roosevelt (North Dakota)
Virgin Islands (Virgin Islands)
Voyageurs (Minnesota)
Wind Cave (South Dakota)
Wrangell-St. Elias (Alaska)
Yellowstone (Wyoming-Montana-Idaho)
Yosemite (California)
Zion (Utah)


52 so far. Will visit Gates of the Arctic and Kobuk Valley this week. Hopefully the last 4 within another year. We don't have all the stamps but have really tried to do more than drive thru each park that we have visited. We are looking forward to revisiting several of our favorites.

We've been to 35 on the list with about 9 more scheduled or in the planning stage. Plus we've been to several National Seashores and Lakeshores

I began this article by asking "How many of the National Park-designated NPS units have you visited?" The list I provided consists of the 58 NPS units that fit this description.

Hubby, you are indeed correct about the 58 "national parks." That's what we were aiming for this time around. We'll be back soon asking how many of the 392 units folks have visited.

I admire your bucket list. Quite ambitious!

Might point out that your question offers 58 NPS 'units' as the full list. You are correct if only refering to parks. If you really mean 'units' there are [392] NPS units. These include parks, monuments, battlefields, historical sites, etc. (
So to answer your question, we have visited over 30 of the parks and are over 105 on total units visited. Our bucket list is to get to them all!

38---Where I've been stuck since '06. My wife and I hope to get back out and hit the trails at some point. Besides marrying my wife, seeing the 38 that I have, has been the most rewarding thing that I have done in my life.

Hi Sparky,
Glad to see you saw my note. Crater Lake is amazingly beautiful from what I have seen. I was shocked once when we overheard a Ranger in Yellowstone say that *90% of the people see the Park from their cars!! Even fewer get out and actually walk around and as for day hikes, (our passion) practically non-existent compared to the overall volume of visitors! Fine with me actually, less people make it more enjoyable!

I LOVE the old Victorian homes in St Louis. (Probably why "Meet Me In St Louis" is one of my favorite movies!) I must admit, I haven't been in that area in a very long time. I grew up in the Hyde Park area, attended Holy Trinity school and then Rosati-Kain High School off of Lindell street. As a kid, I loved going to Cherokee Street as well as the Grand Street area (down by the water tower), my step-sister currently lives off of Pennsylvannia. My folks moved almost 20 years ago out of the old neighborhood (Palm Street) and out to Portage Des Sioux. I love it when restoration takes place and urban blight is transformed into a thing of beauty-there's such a rich history in St Louis!

We are hoping that working in Yellowstone this summer will provide our daughter with some direction, she's pretty much adrift right now.

Conductor, WOW Those guys have a tough work schedule! My husband is a Director for LARS (Load and Ride Solutions). He began as a Patrolman (Chicago then back to St Louis -he was a former St Louis County Police Officer), then became a Special Agent (Lincoln, Nebraska), Special Agent in Charge (Trinidad, Colorado). We came to Fort Worth in 1993 when he switched over from the Police side and became a Manager. Since being a Director, he doesn't have to work the derailments any more which is very nice!

Thanks for the exchange! It's fun talking to someone else from "The Loo" on here. I know you will have a wonderful time on your vacation! Do you have a site (blog, etc) where you can post your pictures? I just recently started my own travel blog so I can chronicle some of our vacations. I keep a journal while we are on vacation so it makes it easier to blog about.

Hey Connie, I have wanted to go to Crater Lake for awhile. We're planning to spend two days there as part of our trip down the Oregon coast. So many guide books say to just drive around the rim only, i.e. get a quick look at the blue water and then leave. HUH!? From the park's website, it looks like there are many more interesting things to do there that I don't want to miss out on.

It is great to hear you are a fellow St. Louis native. We live near Lafayette Square now. The city has come a long way from what it once was. Next time you're back, come down from the westplex (as some folks on the news channel call the St. Charles communities) and check out the new Citygarden downtown as well as some of the neat restaurants that have opened for starters. Also, the former Highway 40 has been completely rebuilt, and it is slick!

Interesting that you mention your daughter working in Yellowstone this summer. My two sister-in-laws did the same in 2007 between their college semesters; they really enjoyed it.

Also, my dad just retired from BNSF. He was a conductor for twelve years. He is enjoying not having to work on call or live out of a hotel room anymore. ;-)

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