Olympic National Park's Hoh Rain Forest: The Video

Visit the Hoh Rain forest from the comfort of your home.

One of the most incredible settings in Olympic National Park is the Hoh Rain Forest. A tangle of green, littered with nursery logs, home to Roosevelt elk and banana slugs, and cut by gin-clear streams, this section of the park can hold your attention for hours on end.

For those who have never managed to visit the Hoh but have wondered whether the effort was worth it, check out this video from Peggy Thompson, aka northwestshutterbug. It starts out at Lake Crescent, but then dives into the Hoh.


Peggy Thompson's work is some of the finest naturalist photography extant. You should definitely check out some of her other pieces on YouTube including the phenomenal book entitled Portraits of the Living Tao that she did with author Stephen Kaufman. She has a profound eye for beauty that is rarely captured by others. She is without doubt one of our better spiritual artists. She knows...