Reader Participation Day: What Do You Do With Your National Park Photos?

Here's a photo I took at Cumberland Island National Seashore, where horses have the run of the island. Danny Bernstein photo.

What do you do with all the photographs you shoot on your national park trips? Each year millions of pictures are taken of settings in the national parks. While a few get published, most don't. What do you do with yours?

Do you...

... Keep them in your camera until you run out of room?

... Upload them to your computer and let them sit there?

... Upload them, cull them and label them - and then just let them sit there?

... Create an online slide show and share them with others?

... Or, print them, put them in a book, and label them?

... Share them with others on the Traveler's flickr site?

Tell us, travelers, where do you stash your national park photos?


Scrapbook them! (and post some on the flickr site)

I've tried to get into Traveler's flickr site, but failed. Any tips for a dumb bunny?

I load them on my computer and create photobooks which I print at Shutterfly. I love looking through them. They bring back the greatest memories.

iPhoto on my Mac allows me to make my own photobooks and have them printed. I can also make my own cards, postcards, and calendars which I give out to my family. It's such a nice way to create personalized gifts using my pictures.

I second that scrapbook!!