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National Parks' Closure Being Highlighted In Congressional Budget Impasse


National parks are being wielded to build opposition to the congressional budget impasse that could lead to the first shutdown of the federal government since 1995-96.

In a release sent wide and far, U.S. Rep. Ed Markey, the ranking Democrat on the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee, raised the spectre of a shuttered Yosemite National Park in railing against Republicans he maintained are driving the government closer to a shutdown.

“This weekend, Yosemite might turn into ‘NOsemite’, as our national treasures would close their gates and send American families away,” said Rep. Markey. “House Republicans are telling the American families who would like to walk in one of our national parks this weekend to ‘take a hike.’ These forced closures could devastate the already fragile local economies of small communities which depend on national parks for tourism dollars.

“For House Republicans, the Tea Party is more important than the Tetons,” said Mr. Markey.

President Obama and Democrats have proposed significant and responsible budget cuts in an effort to meet House Republicans more than half way, the congressman's staff maintained.


As Lee pointed out above, this story was originally posted two years ago, so although the subject is still relevant, a more current Traveler story on the same general topic is found here.

Yes, your probably part of the problem not the solution.And when was the last time your liberal press had a solution to the financial mess our nation is in other than lip service. O that's right more fertilizer! Life is what you make of it not what you expect the next guy to give you in life,thank you.

Oh, for pete's sake.

A plea to stop just blaming the other guy, followed by an attack on the "liberal press". What fertilizer.

I find it funny how every body blames the other guy over this mess our nation is in.Problem 1 try to find something made in the USA anylonger.Greed and EPA thanks for that one.If the National Parks Service has such a money problem where is the money coming from for all these fancy new visitor centers all over the country and why are we adding more lands if we can't afford what we have.Let's quit letting the liberal press lead us around by the nose.

Has anyone noticed that this article and most of the posts are two years old?

Yet it sounds as if it was written just today.

Perhaps it's true that some things never change.

Really, I'm sorry but we own the National Parks. Its our money that pays for them and we have the right to go into the parks because they are public lands. I'll be glad to get a no trespassing ticket because it won't stand up in court. Its time the corrupt politicians need to do whats right for the taxpayers. I simply will not stand up for this kind of BS, the president is just trying to make this a sticking point to get his baby way. Just cut some fat God knows there is a lot of that in his budget, instead of cutting what we want to do and spend our time. Closing parks like Yosemite which makes money shows you just how corrupt this president is.

It sounds like the republocats need to stop funding the war and fund our national park service! Everyone is protesting in Wisconsin and we need to be standing tall outside of Exxon. Too much waste and abuse! We are all victims!

We have a business right outside of Point Reyes National Seashore. We have had almost 6 months of unusual bad weather- lots of rain, and cold. It is hardly letting up.  Now that we are getting some sunny days, people are starting to come out. If the park gets shut down, it will really hurt.  There is not too much more that we can take. Fragile is a good word for it.

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