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Politics Raise A Potential Roadblock to Creation Of A "Maine Woods National Park and Preserve"


Politics are being played that could impede efforts to create a Maine North Woods National Park.

In a move that astounded proponents of a "Maine Woods National Park and Preserve," the Maine Legislature has passed a resolution opposing a feasibility study into the creation of such a park.

On June 15, Maine Senate President Kevin Raye introduced a resolution, SP 519, which opposes even a feasibility study to evaluate the benefits and costs of creating a national park in the Maine Woods. The Senate voted the same day 31 to 3 to pass this resolution.

There was no meaningful notice, no public hearing, no opportunity to present any information in response to this sneak attack. The Maine House of Representatives went along without a roll call vote.

It’s not too late!

The resolution is expected to come up for another vote in each house very soon. If you live in Maine, please call now and urge your elected representatives to oppose this undemocratic action.

You can leave a message at:

Maine Senate switchboard: 800-423-6900

Maine House of Representatives switchboard: 800-423-2900

Partly in reaction to that move, the park's proponents launched a new website to promote such an addition to the National Park System. On that site you can find details on the 3.2 million acre site proposed for Maine's Moosehead-Katahdin region.

There's a map that shows where the park would be located, a fact sheet that lists the resource and economic benefits of such a park and which touches on potential funding mechanisms that could bring it to life, and details on recreational possibilities and wildlife resources.

There's also a 23-page Maine Woods brochure that provides further details on the proposal that you can download in PDF form, and a petition you can sign in support of the potential park.


Reality today is the needless loss of $2,000,000,000,000 in value of peoples financial portfolio in the last few days.  Faced with that loss to security and benevolence I can only imagine the loss to NPS budget both from Congress, individual and corporate support.  Might be a good idea to not be so hard (maybe even encouraging) on the private sector in thoughts and words.

Hi Reality,

Sounds good to me.


Mr. Kellett,You see, we're in agreement on several levels:).  Note: My mother (rest her soul) thought Bill Clinton was a nice young man, lol. Catch you later.

Dear Reality Experimenter,

I certainly agree that humility -- and reality -- are always good things.


It's refreshing to read Mr. Kellett's comments on this Independence Day.

Not an either or, Mr. Kellett.  The very founders of the National Park System were of my leanings and valued these places.  My family were/are members of the Olympians which is a club that was not unlike the Sierra Club, in the old days.  Dedicating at least one of the high peaks in Olympic National Park, we would frequent many wilderness and non wilderness areas throughout the west.  Most all members were a part of the resource based economies that were highly instrumental in sustaining the English language (until recently which isn't a coincidence) instead of German or Japanese.   Mr. Kellett, I support another view that doesn't play into the extremes that exist between radical environmentalism and the worst of the exploitation bunch.  Both can benefit from some humbling and.......reality:).  
Independence Day Reality Blessings :).

Hi Reality Exterminator,

I assume you are the artist formerly known as "Reality Experimentor." Maybe that was a Freudian slip, because your claims above are based on ideology, not reality. That is your right, of course. But I want to go on record strongly disputing that the point of view you are expressing is at all supported by the facts.

Nonetheless, the fact that you are a supporter of national parks gives me hope.

Have a happy Fourth of July.


justinh,You have to do the math and conceptualize the dynamics of investment.  Lots of evidence that raising taxes reduces overall revenue.  People that have made the breakthrough and have investment capital go where they can profit and ones that would like to be so blessed.  Those that have improved their financial situation by personal investment experience that.  The revenue lost by New York because of their extremely high tax rate is huge and headed south or other places where they have a more reasonable tax rate.   Even Obama continued the Bush tax cuts against the Liberal mindset because it would make things worse if they were repealed.  It certainly is a battle of concepts and political power but reality is what it is.  I hope you can see what I'm saying.  People in the private sector of business (please don't demonize) really are the drivers of revenue and health for the country.  You make it hard for them and it comes back and bites you in the ass.  Thanks justinh, I'm going to go find a flag, be grateful and enjoy Independence Day weekend:).Blessings

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