Barn Swallows At Redwood National and State Parks, the Video

Barn swallows are regular visitors at Redwoods National and State Parks, and do a fair job in insect control.

You don't normally associate barn swallows with Redwood National and State Parks, but in fact the birds do show up there, and even like to nest in the park as the following video relates so well.


This video is at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park est. 1923, one of three California Redwood State Parkswithin RNP which when established on Oct. 2nd, 1968, was a mere corridor connecting the three: alsoincluding Del Norte Redwoods and Jedediah Smith Redwoods all established through the efforts of TheSave The Redwoods League organized in 1918. US Congress allowed Big Timber Cos. to clearcut the RedwoodCreek watershed for ten years before expanding those "sea of stumps" into RNP, in 1978, the most expensivenational park of that era costing approx. S1.6 Billion, small today considering the culmulative USA debtOF S14.3 Trillion.BOOK TITLES FROM HUMBOLDT The Redwood Forest : The History, Ecology & Conservation of the Coast Redwoods - Reed F. Noss (Editor), paperback The Redwood Forest : The History, Ecology & Conservation of the Coast Redwoods [/i][/url]- [/b]Reed F. Noss (Editor), hardcoverRedwoods : The World's Largest Trees [/url]- Jeremy Joan HewesThe Redwood Coast (Natural Wonders) [/i][/url]- Jason Cooper[/b] The Fight to Save the Redwoods : A History of Environmental Reform, 1917-1978 [/url]- Susan R. SchrepferDiscovered Alive: The Story of the Chinese Redwood [/url]- William B. Gittlen(Illustrator)[/b] The Last Stand : The War Between Wall Street and Main Street over California's Ancient Redwoods [/url]- David HarrisFrom the Redwood Forest : Ancient Trees and the Bottom Line: A Headwaters Journey [/url][/b]Redwood Trees (Trees) [/i][/url]- John F. Prevost[/b]Redwoods [/i][/url]- (Hardcover)[/b]The white redwoods : ghosts of the forest [/i][/url]- Douglas F. Davis[/b]