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Reader Participation Day: What National Parks In Other Countries Are On Your Agenda?


The United States has not cornered the market on national parks. While it did start the national park movement with Yellowstone back in 1872, many other countries have set aside many spectacular parks.

Which has us wondering, which parks abroad are you hoping to visit?

Last summer I was fortunate enough to visit some jewels of Canada's park system, and recently contributing writer Danny Bernstein trekked the Cotswold Way in England.

So, which parks beyond U.S. borders are on your radar, and why?


I'll be visiting Teide National Park, on the Canary Islands soon.

I'll never be able to see all the wonders right in my back yard.  No need to go elsewhere.

Will be visiting Khao Yai National Park in Thailand, a couple of months from now.

On the subject of Mexico's national parks, I just found this article in the SF Chronicle!

Iguazu falls on Argentina/Brazil border

As German I visited of course some of "our" parks like Jasmund NP, Sächsische Schweiz NP and Berchtesgaden NP. While the nature is sometimes on a level with US gems, the NPS structure still sets the standard for corporate design and common standards (leaflets, park entry signs, America the Beautiful pass etc.).
I have also seen parks in Spain (Caldera de Taburiente NP, Timanfaya NP), UK (Yorkshire Dales NP), Austria (Hohe Tauern NP) and France. There are no grizzlies, arches or pueblos, sure, but there are also no masses of motorbikes, RVs (over-) crowding fragile parks. 

San Pedro Martir in Mexico

Definitely Banff and Jasper in Alberta.

The waterfalls that make up Iguaçu Falls are within two national parks in Argentina and Brazil.

And of course Huangshan National Park in China, which has a sister park relationship with Yosemite.

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