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Reader Participation Day: What is the Most Romantic Place in the National Park System?



Last February we asked you whether tent camping is more romantic than staying at a lodge. With Valentine's Day again in the offing, we pose this related question: Where in the National Park System is the most romantic place to spend the most romantic day of the year with your spouse or significant other?


How about Lovers' Lane at the Presidio of San Francisco?

I thought maybe the name was worth some bonus points. It used to be the trail that soldiers stationed at the Presidio used to visit and walk with their girlfriends who lived in San Francisco.

Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park

Jenny! That is one of our favorite things to do! We stay at the Old Faithful Inn and will go out when everyone has gone and sit under the stars waiting for Old faithful to erupt. We watch "shooting stars" and sattelites streak across the sky!

How about...watching Old Faithful erupt with no one else around?  It can happen late at night, and is quite romantic under a full moon!

Night on the beach at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, with moonlight on the water and  gentle surf washing the sand that accumulates a pair of barefoot tracks and makes them glow with ghostly phosphorescence.

One of the most romantic memories I have of time spent with my Hubby (in a NP) is when he took me on my first overnight back country hike. We hiked up to Upper Two Medicine Lake in Glacier NP. He showed me how to hang our bear bag, we prepared our meal, Freeze-dried Southwest Chili (with SPAM), sat on the shore of the lake for hours just talking, watched an eagle soar overhead and enjoyed our time together. Of course, we did this ion July and NOT on Valentines's Day!

Trunk Bay, Virgin Islands National Park (and not taking the park's name too literally). 

Anyplace can be romantic, but it's the person you're sharing it with that makes a spot special.

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