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Summer, Peak Vacation Season, Is Also Peak Construction Season In The National Park System


Sadly, not only is summer the peak season to visit national parks, but it's also the peak season for construction in the parks. Here's a look at what travelers will have to cope with during a visit to Grand Teton National Park and/or the John D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway this summer.

According to Grand Teton Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott, road and facility construction projects already are under way at various locations in the park and along the Memorial Parkway. As a result, you can expect "minor traffic delays" this summer, she says.

There will also be intermittent, temporary one-day to two-day closures of parking areas in the Moose area and along the Teton Park Road. Travelers are advised to call the road conditions line at 307-739-3614 or stop at park visitor centers for current and specific information. The park’s newspaper, Grand Teton Guide, includes a road construction map for further reference and can be picked up at any park entrance station and visitor center or found online at the park's website.

NOTE: Because of the several delays that may be encountered, motorists are encouraged to plan for extra travel time to reach their destinations. Efforts will be made to minimize any inconvenience to drivers using park roads, however, traffic will be held up for short periods of time for road improvement work. These road construction projects are necessary to provide routine maintenance, as well as improve safety for the many vehicles that use park roads throughout the year.

* In June, motorists can expect up to 15-minute delays along the Teton Park Road and Jenny Lake Loop for a micro-seal pavement overlay. There will be reduced overnight and day use parking at the following trailheads during the first three weeks of June: South Jenny Lake, Taggart Lake, Leigh Lake, and String Lake, including the canoe launch. Access to these trails will remain open from nearby parking areas. Signs and staff will direct visitors to available parking during construction, and visitors are advised to follow posted parking signs and staff instructions.

Additionally, pullout and picnic parking along the Teton Park Road between Taggart Lake and Spalding Bay will be closed intermittently during the first three weeks of June.

* The trail bridge over Taggart Lake will be closed for repair from June 8-22. As a result, Taggart Lake will be approachable only from the Taggart Creek trail. Additionally, the entire Taggart Lake trail network will be closed to all access on June 8 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. for visitor safety during aerial delivery of construction materials.

* Construction is ongoing to improve accessibility, visitor safety, and environmental protection at the Moose boat landing. Throughout the month of June, these activities will result in temporary closures that will impact traffic flow. Boaters should expect intermittent detours.

* Throughout the summer and into the fall, motorists traveling Highway 89/287 between Jackson Lake Lodge and Flagg Ranch should expect delays of up to 30 minutes on weekdays for a road widening and traffic safety improvement project. Weekend and holiday work will not occur.

* The Gros Ventre Road near Slide Lake will have up to 15-minute delays from early July until mid August for asphalt paving repairs.

* The Moose-Wilson Road is scheduled for closure on July 11 and August 29 for application of dust abatement (magnesium chloride) coating. Visitors are cautioned that these dates are subject to favorable weather conditions.

* The Grassy Lake Road will have intermittent 15-minute delays for gravel resurfacing during late summer.

* Loops A through G in the Colter Bay campground will be closed until late June for upgrades to the water and wastewater infrastructure.

Construction schedules may change or be delayed due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. Visitors are encouraged to call the road conditions line at 307-739-3614 or stop at park visitor centers for current and specific information.

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