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Incredible Video Details Climbing Accident, And Rescue, In Grand Teton National Park


Climbing in the Tetons of Wyoming can be one of the most incredible experiences in the national parks, but it is not without risk.

Fortunately, as this video shows, the climbing rangers of Grand Teton National Park are well-prepared to help you in an emergency.



Wow. I got vertigo just watching it. Quite the video.

Nicely done, and an interesting insight into a rescue.

Re: playing the video - I had give permission to open a pop-up from Traveler on my Winows 7 system before it would play.

That worked, Kurt. The link simply did not show up in the original post. Have others had the same problem?

In any event, it's an awesome story. Those rangers know their stuff, don't they?

Don't know what to tell you, Lee. Here's the original link. Perhaps that will work for you.

I just let my computer sit for about 15 minutes and nothing. Is some kind of link supposed to finally pop up? Or is there a secret password?

My Mommy always said the secret was Please. So, Please.

Still didn't work. I know -- you're testing my patience, aren't you?

Should be visible, Lee. I just ran it. It's high-def, so might need some time to download....

Video? Where?

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