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Reader Participation Day: Which National Park Destination Would You Prefer This Fall?


Do fall colors in Acadia National Park beckon you? NPS photo by Sheridan Steele.

Fall, believe it or not, is on the way. In the Rockies, leaves on some of the trees already are beginning to turn. It won't be long before furnaces click on, and the lawn mower is put up for the winter.

But recognizing that fall is a great time to find yourself in a national park, it's certainly not the season to end your adventures. So....which unit of the National Park System tops your list when you think of where to go in the fall?

Do you long to walk the increasingly deserted beaches of Cape Cod National Seashore, enjoy the turning aspens and maples of Rocky Mountain National Park, head to Yellowstone National Park to hear a chorus of bugling elk, or relax on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park while watching the sun go down?

Tell us, Travelers, where would you prefer to spend your fall vacation in the National Park System?


No doubt! The Blue Ridge Parkway and its surrounding areas!

Blue Ridge are the most beautiful and colorful in the fall. The peace that comes over me when I am there is incredible! Love my mountains!

Ozark NSR. the rivers are aazing with the fall colors and their is NO ONE else on the river.

Hey Markus, if you get a great shot at Fundy, email it to us so we can share with the rest of the travelers!

Headed for Acadia NP, White Mountains and Canadas Fundy NP in October. Can't wait!

I agree with the Tetons( with an extra week to go up to Yellowstone!!)

Zion National Park- maples, aspens, cottonwoods. w/its Virgin river, hanging gardens and red rocks...just beautiful into mid November.

Without a doubt, Grand Tetons. I go every year for the Fall colors and the active wildlife. It's so much more peaceful there when all the 'tourists' are gone. The golden aspens make wonderful photographs! Not to mention the crisp cool air for hiking.

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