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National Park Mystery Photo 57: Colorful, Ain't It?


Have you ever seen this? If you can correctly identify where in the National Park System Mystery Photo 57 was taken, you'll be in the running for the Traveler's monthly prize.

The answer and a list of Traveler readers who answered correctly will be posted in tomorrow’s Traveler.


No, I'm afraid it's not a sign in Yellowstone...or anything related to the Nez Perce.

It looks like one of the signs in Yellowstone about the Nez Perce as they passed through the area.

Nope, not Many Glacier's carpet.

Looks like carpeting from the Many Glacier Hotel.

I'm just glad I recogonized it! Thanks Kurt!

Now THAT'S a photo I'd like to see. But he's partial to ballcaps....

I am guessing it is a fashionable hat or clothing the Quizmeister was wearing in his Favorite Park

Well, we kinda have a correct answer, but Mike really doesn't count since he was there with me when I photographed the "thing";-)

Any other guesses??

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