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Mystery Photo 58: X Marks The Spot


X certainly marks the spot, but where is the spot?

The good professor might be retired, but that doesn't mean all the Traveler's puzzlers went with him. We'll ease back into Mystery Photos with this easy one.

At least it seems easy to us. Any idea what that X is, and where in the National Park System you can spot it?

We'll reveal the rest of the photo, and where it was taken, on Friday.


And we appreciate that, Mike. No insiders;-)

I didnt guess this time.

Trade Shop in Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site

Sorry Ron, but it's not from Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Sleepy BearDunes National Lakeshore, Cannery Boat Museum in Glen Haven

OK Caprice, you're in. And you likely taught me something about the architecture there!

The x is one the crosses that hold up the guard walk

In the store at the trading post

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