Reader Participation Day: What Tops Your National Park Bucket List?

If costs and scheduling didn't get in the way, what national park trip would top your bucket list? Want to float the Colorado through Grand Canyon National Park, or climb Mount McKinley in Denali?

Would you spend a week in Yellowstone, or explore Glacier's backcountry, or maybe take a week or two to tour the parks that preserve Civil War battlefields, places like Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park and Manassas National Battlefield?

With more than 400 units of the National Park System, there are many, many, many choices ... and with so little time and money, it shouldn't be too difficult to name the one national park trip that tops your list. So tell us.


My bucket list is long but I can narrow it down to the top two: Camping in Dry Tortugas and a long slow raft trip down the Colorado.

Kobuk Valley NP. Float the Kobuk River and hike the dunes.

My husband and I have a bucket list of visiting all 400+ National Parks. So far, we've gotten about 120 of them in the past 7 years. Personally, I'm really excited about the Redwoods and the other parks in that area.

aCompleting a cross canyon hike of the Grand Canyon.

Two things have been on my list:
1) visit 50 National Parks (the capital N / capital P ones) by the end of the year I turn 50 (I'm very close)
2) live within a national park - made that goal as of last October (the town of Beverly Shores is located within the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore).

I want to watch grizzly bears fish at Katmai National Park in Alaska.

Just continue visiting as many of the parks I have not already visited as I can and enjoy the diversity and wonders found in them -- along with meeting and learning to appreciate all the good people who work in and visit them.

And to share as many of those experiences as possible with my grand daughters.

One day I want to take the time and spend two weeks or so in one park only instead of touring around. As there are so many parks I haven't visited at all so far this may still take some time to achieve...

-- sleeping under a Giant Sequoia

Great Basin NP, Death Valley NP, Craters of the Moon NM, and the entire Blue Ridge Parkway from Shenandoah NP to Great Smoky Mountains NP.

The two biggest things on my NP bucket list I've already done -- spend enough time (although I still want to spend lots more) in Yellowstone's geyser basins waiting for and watching eruptions, and travel cross-country alone for several months, hitting as many national parks as I can along the way. But I really, really want to do the second one again, only hitting different parks this time.

As long as we're dreaming, and cost is no object, it would be great to enjoy a leisurely visit in the National Park of American Samoa. Looks like beautiful scenery, amazing resources, interesting local culture - and the only NPS area south of the equator.

I've been blessed with vititing all the big parks except Samoa.Some I have been to several times.I guess now that my health is not the best any longer I can look back and thank God for giving me the drive it takes to do them all and wish that I could go back to some and enjoy them more and longer.I took alot of picture and look at them now and say to myself wow what an awesome land God created for us.I hope for all you your dreams come true as they have for me.Many miles and O so many memories of people,places,and just the little things that happen that we take for granted every day.

And many cans of spam after a long day on the road.One last word of advice don't over look some of the smaller parks some will make your jaw drop.Happy Trails to you!!!

Although I've been lucky enough to visit NPSA and write about it here for NPT, my bucket list includes going back to lie on the white sand beaches of Ofu, and we have that scheduled for this next winter.

As long as we're dreaming,

I would like to visit the historic parks and monuments in the order of the event or person they're commemorating.

I've already started. Hah.

De Soto National Memorial commemorated the oldest event inthe U.S.

This project would take a lot of driving and eventually flying but what history I would learn.

Thru-hike the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. The older I get, the longer it would take.