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Reader Participation Day: Which Historic Person Would You Take Hiking In The National Parks?


Which historic person would you like to hike, ski, or paddle with in a national park?

Would you take John Muir to show him what Yosemite National Park looks like now? Maybe you would hike with Benton MacKaye so he can see how his vision of the Appalachian Trail turned out. What would you talk about?

Alternatively, forget these outdoor icons. Instead, you would bring over your great-grandfather from the old country and show him Picture Rocks National Lakeshore.

Or you could mix it all up and take Henry Thoreau to Yellowstone National Park and explain today's philosophy of national parks.

Whom would you choose and where would you take them?


I would like to take William H. Seward on a nice long leisurely tour of the Alaskan parks.

Thomas Moran whose paintings in oil and watercolors inspired congress to create the National Parks. Congress created the Parks but did not vote at that time for park funding. That came later. The good news is they paid the artist. If I remember correctly it was about $10,000 for the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The painting hangs with The Chasam of the Colorado in the Capitol. Oh to see as an artist sees!

Grandma Gatewood - Appalachian Trail Truman Everts - Yellowstone NP Albert Gallatin - Friendship Hill NHS Daniel Morgan - Cowpens NB George Masa - Great Smoky Mountains NP Charles Kuralt - Voyageurs NP (canoe) John Wesley Powell - Grand Canyon NP (raft)

I'd like to take Richard Wetherill on a tour of Pueblo Bonito. It would be fun to match what we think we know now about that place with what he thought he knew in the early 1900s.

A roadtrip with Walt Whitman to all the national parks.

Great comment Lee Dalton! If I could select anyone from present time or from history, for purely selfish reasons, I would like someone from whom I would learn greatly during the comraderie associated with a hike in the parks. Who would be my first pick? Ludwig van Beethoven. I'd take him on the 7-day loop of the High Sierra Camps in Yosemite. Next would be John Muir. Where we'd go would be his choice. How far we'd go would be his choice too. Finally, I'd be honored to be able to meet and guide Pete Seeger to Cascade Pass in the North Cascades. This is a rather short hike, but at Pete's advanced age, it would be quite appropriate. Along the way, I'd like to explain to him all the reasons why I believe he should qualify for the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Part of me wants to show Teddy Roosevelt all the monuments and parks he had a part in creating. But only if he leaves his firearms at home [g].

There are so many that it would be an honor to be with, President Obama for sure. How about two heros in todays news, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg for trying to save the voting rights act of 1965. Or State Senator Wendy Davis of Fort Worth Texas for a 13 hour standing filibster ( now water, no restroom, etc), trying to defend keeping women's reproductive health issues in the hands of doctors, not politicians. These two women are pretty special.

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