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Monitoring Climate Change Along The Coast Of Olympic National Park

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What impact is climate change having on the coastal areas of Olympic National Park? The following 14-minute video takes a look at that question.

Climate change will have many of its first impacts to our coasts and intertidal communities. This film highlights Dr. Steven Fradkin, coastal ecologist at Olympic National Park and his work monitoring intertidal life.



Did read it. Didn't see proof positive that their claims are right. How about providing that for us?

The report already lays that out. Perhaps you should read it.

They have laid out their facts and statistics. Why don't you show where they are RIGHT? Probably because you can't.

A good source for reliable science information on global climate change is the AAAS, the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. They recently established a site for information on climate change and it can be found here

Another good source is the NAS, National Academy of Sciences with a recent publication with clear answers to questions like "If the world is warming, why are some winters and summers still very cold?" You can find the answer in their booklet by following the link below.


Why don't you respond to their points rather than dismissing them outright? They have laid out their facts and statistics. Why don't you show where they are wrong? Probably because you can't.

Thank you, Rambler. That is exactly what I was biting my tongue on last night.

Friends of Science was created by the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists....Yea sure they have no financial stake in this argument at all lol...EC, citing this group and thier findings in contrast to what NASA puts out is like having a Phillip Morris rep give you info that contradicts what the rest of the medical community thinks about smoking.

Sounding a bit like Jay Carney and his theatrics at his press briefings making fun of serious questions. In today's reality those black helicopters and more seem very believable. Infinitely more so than most of what you here from today's media and government spokesman.

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