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Cherry-Loving Bears Lead To Closure Of Gregory Bald Area At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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This shot was taken in Cades Cove with a telephoto lens/NPS-Jim Bennett.

Bears have a sweet tooth, too. And that's why the Gregory Bald area at Great Smoky Mountains National Park has been temporarily closed to humans. The reason is the cherry crop that has attracted black bears looking for a tasty meal.

Park officials say the temporary closure includes the Gregory Bald Trail and Wolf Ridge Trail from Parson Bald to Gregory Bald. 

At least a dozen bears are concentrated on Gregory Bald feeding on ripe cherries. The situation has led to several close encounters between hikers and bears creating an unacceptable safety risk, according to park officials. Wildlife biologists are monitoring the area and expect the bears to disperse when the food source has been depleted.

'œWe regret the inconvenience to park visitors who were looking forward to a hike to Gregory Bald,' said acting-Superintendent Cindy MacLeod. 'œHowever, we feel this temporary closure is necessary to ensure the bears have an opportunity to feed undisturbed on natural foods and also to protect our visitors from defensive bear behavior.'


This thread is closed. 

This thread has to rank pretty high on the list of thread meltdowns on NPT!!

Since we're off topic anyway, I hiked twice over the week-end in the Sierra and had a great time.

So everyone who claims to have an anxiety based disorder may now take their yapping, animal chasing dog into the backcountry?  Nice.  Sounds like a real well-thought out policy. Funny, I don't see her with a dog in all her movies.  I suppose she is a great actress, then.  

Now we will get to hear from all the dog nuts who will proclaim how well behaved these yappers are.   I can tell you that no matter how well trained a dog may be at home, in the Smokies where animal life abounds, the best trained of dogs go nuts, run off their leashes and become food.   And I like dogs.  But they dont' belong in the backcountry unless someone is blind. There are enough feral mutts and bear "service animals" in there as is.


Yep, looks like Dahkota is right:

OOhhh well, looks like the cult is going to need to come up with a new conspiracy

Ashley Judd has a service dog.

More information on ADA requirements for service dogs:

NPS had to allow the service dog; Judd had no special treatment or exemptions.

All of this back and forth for absolutely nothing except personal rage. Please stop - these forums are getting unreadable.


Gary Wilson.


You do realize that when you start impugning someone personally, you are admitting you lost the argument?  Right?


(Uh...this ain't Rob either.)



Actually she was at campsite 12, I know that for a fact.  Now once again, this thread is not about Ashley Judd or SFW.  Boy, you guys are lame.

umm, Rob, you do realize I don't work for the government, right?  Is that an ambulance I hear in the park.  Better get on the move..Hurry call Morton.

You guys sure do beg for donations, and look for any excuse to scream lawsuit and "conspiracy" at any occasion. At best you are a money making scheme that uses filing frivolous lawsuits and wasting taxpayer money to prop up a fake NGO begging for donations so you guys can sit on the internet all day dreaming up conspiracies. You wouldn't know the first thing about producing anything that can make money, so pot meet kettle..

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