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2008 National Park Service Centennial Projects Run the Gamut, From Traveling Trunks to Biodiversity Inventories

From "traveling trunks" and power systems to biodiversity inventories and efforts to develop tomorrow's national park stewards, the 110 Centennial Challenge Projects and Programs that are being funded for 2008 offer a little something for most folks.
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Senators Introduce Legislation To Fund National Park Centennial Initiative

A bipartisan coalition of five U.S. senators has introduced legislation that would enable the government to fully fund the Centennial Initiative proposed by the Bush administration in honor of the National Park Service's upcoming centennial in 2016.
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Olympic National Park Could Begin Fisher Recovery Program this Fall

Completion of an environmental assessment into the question of returning fishers to Olympic National Park has cleared the way for a recovery program to begin, possibly before year's end.

Leadership Summit: Some Afterthoughts

Coke Vending Machines at National Battlefield; 'Adventurer Dustin Holmes' photo via Flickr
If nothing else, last week's Leadership Summit on Partnership and Philanthropy hosted by the National Park Foundation demonstrated that some major corporations want to support the national parks. The question that lingers, though, is to what extent?

Parks Philanthropy: It Shouldn't Only Be About Bricks and Mortar

National Park Foundation Leadership Summit
Thank you Morton Meyerson. In case anyone at the National Park Foundation's Leadership Summit on Partnership and Philanthropy was wondering, giving to the national parks shouldn't be focused solely on brick and mortar projects.

National Park Foundation Leadership Summit: What Will it Foster?

National Park Foundation Leadership Summit
Does Autumn not exist in Austin, Texas? I left drizzle and 45 degrees in Park City, Utah, yesterday morning, and here in Austin it might as well be mid-summer, with the highs approaching 90 degrees. Is that a good atmosphere for incubating "the next century of our parks"?

PEER: Centennial Challenge Might Exacerbate Park Service's Backlog Woes

I've previously written that the Bush administration's proposed Centennial Initiative appears to pay little attention to the National Park Service's ballooning $8 billion maintenance backlog. Some others are beginning to notice that, too.

Centennial Projects: Fighting Mosquitoes in Grand Teton National Park

Fighting mosquitoes is one of the ways the folks at Grand Teton National Park want to mark the National Park Service's centennial in 2016. Really.

Is the Centennial Initiative Really Needed to Drum Up Support for the Parks?

Is there really a need for the Centennial Initiative to generate private dollars for the parks? That doesn't seem to be the case for the Yellowstone Park Foundation, which is recently raised $3 million for things like trails improvements, fisheries work, and curatorial work with park archives.

Will Greatness Mark the National Park Service's Next Century?

Toward the Centennial. National Parks Traveler illustration, Mather photo from NPS Historic Photograph Collection
Is the National Park Service's Centennial Initiative as "audacious" as Director Mary Bomar claims it to be? Will it truly prepare the agency for its second century, or is it lacking in its current form some critical aspects that are necessary for the Park Service to attain greatness as protector of arguably the world's best park system?
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Centennial Projects: Mountain Biking in Big Bend National Park

Big Bend's Lone Mountain; photo by Jeff Blaylock, used with permission.
Among the 201 projects "certified" to meet the criteria for celebrating the National Park Service's centennial in 2016 is one to establish a dual-use, hiking and mountain biking trail in Big Bend National Park in Texas. What seems odd, though, is that this project made the list at a time when the Park Service is in the middle of a five-year study examining mountain bike use in the park system.

Marketing Alaska's National Parks; Why Not All National Parks?

I hate jumping to conclusions. But that apparently is exactly what I did when I surmised that the proposed $1.5 million centennial project involving the Alaska Travel Industry Association would benefit the cruise-ship industry more than the parks.

NPS Centennial Projects and Programs Announced

Interior Secretary Kempthorne and NPS Director Bomar; DOI Photo
The long list of projects and programs for the National Park Service Centennial Initiative has been announced today. Secretary Kempthorne and Director Bomar shared the details of the plan for a crowd of reporters in Yosemite National Park.
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House Leaders Propose $1 Billion Parks Centennial Funding Plan

Raúl Grijalva, an Arizona Democrat who chairs the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands
In a move that can be expected to generate some attention from the White House, two prominent members of the House of Representatives have introduced a billion-dollar centennial funding bill for the national park system. Two big differences from President Bush's initiative: no private matching funds are required, and this package has an identified funding source.
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Museum of the National Park Service

One Centennial Initiative idea that is making the rounds, is that a Museum of the National Park Service be constructed to chronicle the history and impact of the agency.
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