Dining in the Parks

Dining In the Parks: EPIC Bars

Whether you're hiking, paddling, cycling, or simply windshield touring in a national park, you're bound to get hungry and begin searching for a snack. To the ubiquitous trail mix, jerky, or piece of fruit, there's now another option. The EPIC bar.

Dining In The Parks: Cache Lake's Quality Camping Food

For many, mealtime on backcountry treks into national parks usually revolves around freeze-dried offerings from the likes of Mountain House and Backpacker's Pantry. Today we'd like to add Cache Lake to the list.

Dining In The Parks: Healthy Parks, Healthy People

Seared ahi tuna with pickled watermelon and a splash of chipotle lime vinaigrette. Scottish salmon tostadas. Bison ribeye. Fish tacos with sustainably sourced seabass. These are some of the entrées you can find in national parks these days, and they’re not the result of the National Park Service’s Healthy Parks, Healthy People initiative and its food guidelines for concessionaires.
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