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Parks Beyond Borders: Boundary Changes And Mining Challenge UK Parks

Natural England has proposed changes to the boundaries of Lake District and Yorkshire Dales national parks that have triggered a review of the proposal. And Yorkshire farmers may net a £1bn if a plan is approved to mine the world's largest deposit of potash in the North York Moors national park.

Parks Beyond Borders / Video Feature: Peterson Cay National Park, Just One Of Many Parks In The Bahamas

Check out this short video about a trip to Peterson Cay National Park in the Bahamas. If you’re a cruiser and haven’t scoured the excursion list for the chance to visit a national park somewhere in the world—definitely start looking. It’s a best-kept-secret option as I found out with a kayak trip to the smallest of the twenty-seven parks in the 900-island nation.

Parks Beyond Borders: Hey Mon, A Million Acres of National Parks Makes It "Better In The Bahamas"

The twenty-seven national parks of the Bahamas—more than a million acres—are waiting to make any visit to this 900-island nation a premier opportunity to see another country’s national parks. That applies whether you step off an airplane, a cruise ship—or even a private yacht. The Bahamas is a major magnet for sailors.

Parks Beyond Borders: "Down-Trod Abbey"—A National Park Estate Shares Secrets In Ireland

If you’ve been glued to the telly watching the ins-and-outs of life upstairs and down at Downton Abbey, you’ve no doubt been impressed by elaborately upscale expectations of life lived on the grand scale. There's no better place to see that than in Muckross Hopuse, in Ireland's Killarney National Park.

Parks Beyond Borders: Winter Fun, and Budget Cuts, Come To Canada's Banff

Canada's iconic Banff National Park will host second annual Snow Days festival from January 10th to February 12th as new park superintendent discusses the impact of Parks Canada budget cuts.

Parks Beyond Borders: Sri Lanka's National Parks Report Record Visitor Income

International tourism in Sri Lanka is spelling good news for the nation’s national parks. While Africa’s national park proponents discuss ways to increase tourism and reduce poaching that’s alarming the world and threatening to eliminate some species—Sri Lanka’s parks are reporting record income from visitors.

Parks Beyond Borders: Quebec Set To Create One Of North America's Biggest National Parks, Wales To Get "Power Pylons"

Quebec could become home to the largest national park in eastern North America, and power "pylons" are the "preferred option" to transfer power near Snowdonia National Park in Wales.

Parks Beyond Borders: High-Tech Visitor Center Will Earn Finland’s National Parks International Exposure

Finland has twenty-five visitor centers to interpret a system of thirty-seven national parks from island archipelagos in the Baltic Sea to windswept alpine peaks above the Arctic Circle—but the country’s parks have never had a national gateway. With a radically high-tech, hyper-engaging new visitor center, that’s about to change.

Parks Beyond Borders: Escape Winter At National Parks South Of The Equator

It’ll soon be summer in the Southern Hemisphere, perfect time to head to Australia and South America to explore some of the world's great national parks.

Parks Beyond Borders: Austrian National Park May Add To Europe’s Growing Wilderness System

Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria, the largest park preserve in the Alps, is close to designating a parcel around the Grossvenediger peaks as the country’s first wilderness area—part of an emerging European system of wild areas spearheaded by the PAN Park Foundation.

Parks Beyond Borders: New Park Inked in Nunavut, Indonesian/Korean Parks To Cooperate

A roundup of global national parks news, including the new Qausuittuq National Park in Nunavut, and plan for cooperation between Indonesian and Korean national parks.

Parks Beyond Borders: It's All In A Name At World's Highest, Newest National Park; Thai Parks Cope With Bikinis, Higher Fees

A global roundup of national park news, including the creation of the world's highest national park in Tibet, and Thai efforts to regulate bikinis, and delay fee hikes, in national parks.

Parks Beyond Borders: Leaf-Peeping Picnics In Korea, Tanzania's Tiniest, More Shore For Canada's Gulf Islands

An global roundup of national park news—this week in Korea, Tanzania and Canada.

Parks Beyond Borders: Costa Rica's Parks Are Cheap And Accessible; New IUCN Environmental Lists Accentuate The Positive

A roundup of global national park news and features.

Parks Beyond Borders: New Success As Ecuador Involves The World In Preserving Amazon Park

Ecuador’s revolutionary Yasuní-ITT initiative—which seeks to preserve one of the largest, most diverse national park regions on the planet—got a big boost last week when Italy pledged 35 million Euros to the project.

Parks Beyond Borders: Australia Developers To Gain Park Resorts in Victoria; Top Five National Parks Britain and Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu National Park Malaysia
Recent relaxation of rules against private commercial development in Australian national parks in the state of Victoria are calling attention again to the ongoing plethora of park controversies. And here are the "Top Five" national parks in Britain and Malaysia.

Parks Beyond Borders: NPS and Costa Rican Parks Sign Agreement, Deadly Park Drive in Australia

Corcovado National Park Costa Rica
A round-up of global national park news.

Parks Beyond Borders: Appalachian Trail 75th Anniversary Offers Great Opportunity To Check Out The "ATs" Of England

Pennine Way High Cup
With the Appalachian National Scenic Trail celebrating 75 years in 2012, it’s worth keeping in mind that England also has national trails, some of them well worth a long distance ramble for travelers to the UK.

Parks Beyond Borders: Sri Lanka National Parks, Nordic Grooming Fix in Canada's Yoho, Summer Ice Fall Closes Road In Jasper

Parks Beyond Borders; a roundup of global national park news.

Parks Beyond Borders: Ireland's Best National Parks, Germany Funds Namibian Parks, Rain Damage in Canada And Kenya

killarney road
Parks Beyond Borders: Ireland's Best National Parks, Germany Funds Namibian Parks, Canada Spring Damage

All Aboard! We're Riding The Rails On A Transcontinental National Park Train Trip in Canada

VIA Rail runs from one end of Canada to the other. By itself, or with the luxe Rocky Mountaineer, this cross-country rail ramble offers easy access to countless national parks, historic sites, and marine reserves. British train writer Jools Stone took that trip across Canada last autumn on a visit to Jasper National Park. Here's his review of two great rail services: VIA Rail and the Rocky Mountaineer.

Parks Beyond Borders: Oz Names New Limmen National Park, Accidents Claim Black Bears in Canadian Rockies, NSW Slashes Park Budgets

lost cities rock formations limmen national park australia
A roundup of global national park news, including Australia Names New Limmen National Park, Accidents Claim Black Bears in Canadian Rockies' Parks, NSW Slashes Park Budgets .

Parks Beyond Borders: Canadian Park Group Makes National News Indicting Budget Cuts, Other Impacts

Glacier Skywalk
Last week’s “State of Canada’s Parks” report by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is making news across the country as budget cuts cleave 638 employees from Parks Canada.

National Geographic Adds Trails Illustrated Maps For Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, And Yoho National Parks In Canada

If you're making plans to head into Canada to explore Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, or Yoho national parks, you can plan to add maps from National Geographic's Trails Illustraetd series to your packing list.
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