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Parks Beyond Borders: Canada Gets 16th World Heritage Site, Shooters Go Off Half-Cocked In Oz

Evangeline Statue
Parks Beyond Borders, a global roundup of national park news.

Parks Beyond Borders: "Amateur Shooters" To Take Aim In Oz Parks, Big Cats Killed Near Kenya's Nairobi NP, Power Lines To Mar UK Park Vistas?

Snowdon Wales in Snowdonia National Park
In a global round-up of park news, the State Parliament of New South Wales, Australia, a bill was passed last Friday after acrimonious, alarmist back and forth from all political quarters, to permit hunting in national parks.

Parks Beyond Borders: Biggest-Ever Gift To Parks Canada, World's Blackest Skies For New Zealand, Roads Threaten Parks in Peru and Kenya

Yurt campground Bruce Peninsula National Park
A global round-up of national park news. The biggest philanthopic gift ever is given to Parks Canada. The world's blackest skies have been designated in New Zealand with a new Dark Sky Reserve, and roads in Peru and Kenya are said to threaten national parks.

Parks Beyond Borders: Hut To Hütte Hiking—A Premier Accessible Adventure All Across Austria And The Alps

Hornkopflhutte, Hornköpflhütte, Kitzbühel
All over the Alps, mountain huts range from rough to rustic, elaborately atmospheric to refined. They offer tempting meals and informal lodging. Austria and hiking hut to “hutte” just go together, whether it's in Hohe Tauern National Park or other areas. You really should have this thoroughly European experience. Check out the video for a taste of hut hiking—and dining!

Parks Beyond Borders: Uganda Parks Get Flurry of Attention for New Website, and Rains Close Park Facilities in Western Canada

Mount Elgon National Park Uganda
Parks Beyond Borders—Uganda Parks get flurry of attention for new website and historic role of Moses Mapesa, the former director of Uganda Wildlife Authority, and rains close Park facilities in Western Canada.

Parks Beyond Borders: “Recreational Shooting” Comes To National Parks In Oz; Canadian Rep Rejects Park Cuts

Moonrise Riding Mountain
The Premier of the Australian State of New South Wales announced on May 30th that “volunteer pest control,” or the hunting of of feral animals, would be permitted in 79 of the State’s 799 national parks, nature reserves and state conservation areas, thanks to “amendments to the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002.”

Parks Beyond Borders: Inspiring Interpretation in the Alps' Biggest National Park; Austria’s Hohe Tauern

Touchscreen technology in Hohe Tauern
Hohe Tauern National Park’s chief biologist, Martin Kurzthaler, has one of the world’s most inspiring national park stories to tell in how he designed a renowned park Nature Trail. National Parks may be “America’s Best Idea” but Austria illustrates how the concept has been adopted—and adapted—in some of the planet’s most spectacular places.

Parks Beyond Borders: Canada Funds New Urban National Park While Cutting Budgets And Dropping Employees; And A Dark Sky Park For England?

Rouge River in Toronto
Canadians celebrate finalized funding for a new "Urban National Park" in Toronto while continuing to lament Parks Canada budget cuts and closures. A few national parks in the UK celebrate the unexpected appeal of their dark skies and improving customer service.

Parks Beyond Borders: Austria’s Hohe Tauern National Park—The Best Of The Alps, And A Truly European Adaptation Of "America's Best Idea"

National Parks may be “America’s Best Idea” but the concept has been adopted—and adapted—in some of the planet’s most spectacular places. One of the spots where new park ideas have emerged is Austria's Hohe Tauern National Park. Here’s the first article in our multimedia global parks series on Austria.

Parks Beyond Borders: South Africa Warns Against "Fraudsters;" Thailand Park Tigers Under Threat?

Kruger National Park
Parks Beyond Borders: Global National Park News—South Africa Warns Against "Fraudsters;" Thai National Park Tigers May be Under Threat

Parks Beyond Borders: Global National Park News—Alberta National Park Budget Cuts Illustrate Angst Across Canada

Parks Beyond Borders: Global National Park News

Parks Beyond Borders: Global National Park News Includes Opening Of Long Distance Trail In Wales

Wales Coast Path hikers
Parks Beyond Borders: Global National Park News

Parks Beyond Borders: Looking At Global National Park News

Exterior View of Singapore’s Expo Mass Rapid Transit Station
A look at national park news beyond the United States.

Parks Beyond Borders #3: Looking Abroad At National Park News

Sign in a train bound for a National Park in Japan
A roundup of national park news in other nations.

Parks Beyond Borders #2: Looking Abroad At Other National Park News

Glacier Discovery Walk image
A round up of international park news.

Parks Beyond Borders: Looking Abroad At Other National Park News

Brewster Travel Canada's Columbia Icefield Coaches
The first of occasional smaller stories that bring you park news from other nations.

Boundaries of Two of England's National Parks Targeted To Grow By A Combined 193 Square Miles

Two of England's best-known national parks, Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, are being targeted for an expansion that will add a combined 193 square miles to their footprint.

Walking the Cotswold Way in England on Private Land

OPen vista on the Cotswold Way
In the United States, we almost always hike on public land, land owned by a government entity. But in Great Britain, national trails and national parks are on private land. The Cotswold Way goes through fields and pastures, past ruins, and even through golf courses.

National Geographic Visits Portugal's First, and Only, National Park

Portugal can't quite count as many national parks as the United States, but its one park, is Peneda-Gerês, preserves both magnificent landscapes and a way of life long enjoyed in Pitõs das Júnias.

Argentina's Iguazu National Park: Waterworks and Wildlife

There are many great national parks outside the borders of the United States. Iguazú National Park in Argentina is one of them, and for good reason.

Parks Canada Tests a Different Approach to Tenting to Entice New Campers

Interior of cottage tent.
Tent camping was once a popular activity in parks, but most of today's visitors are more inclined to spend the night in a hotel or luxurious RV. Parks Canada hopes to entice more people to try tenting with a trial program that takes most of the roughing out of camping.

No Fishing with Hand Grenades in Afghanistan’s New National Park

Implausible as it may seem, the government of war-torn Afghanistan recently established the country’s first national park. It’s Band-e-Amir, and it’s not what you might think.

Exporting "Rangering": Working To Help Nicaraguans Safeguard Rare Hawksbill Turtles

Who would have figured the stir that a couple of turtles would generate? I was in Nicaragua in late June working with community rangers who are employees of a non-governmental organization known as Paso Pacífico. I was on a beach observing something I had never seen before, something that hardly anyone gets to witness these days. Two hawksbill turtles had come ashore to nest on the beach that Paso Pacífico’s rangers patrol.

International Park News: "Nappies" for Horses Spur Controversy in Irish National Park

Jaunting Cart in Ireland.
Killarney National Park is the oldest national park in Ireland, and a popular tourist destination. In a controversy mimicking similar debates in U.S. parks, Killarney is currently the scene of controversy over a requirement that horse-drawn carts using the park be fitted with a "dung catcher device," referred to in some media reports as "nappies."

Will There Soon Be a Mount Obama Monument and National Park?

The Lesser Antilles nation of Antigua and Barbuda wants to create a new national park focused on its highest peak, which will soon be renamed Mount Obama. Plans for the new park are sort of sketchy and iffy.

Why is Clear-cutting Allowed in Japan's Iconic Park, Daisetsuzan?

What would you think if logging were permitted in Yellowstone National Park, or if a rock quarry were allowed in Yosemite National Park, or if uranium mining was under way in Grand Canyon National Park?

Thailand Struggles With Overcrowding Of National Parks

While national park visitation concerns in the United States frequently revolve around visitor declines, in Thailand the parks are being overrun by tourists.

China Moves to Designate its First National Park

More than a century after the establishment of Yellowstone National Park kicked off the world-wide national parks movement, China has designated its very first "national park."
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