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Mystery Photo 41 Revealed: Caught in a Casement

Imagine the kinetic energy of the impact.

Mystery Photo 41: See You A Round?

Need a confidence booster? We've launched the 2012 Mystery Photo series with an easy one.

National Park Mystery Photo 40: Sure Is Bright

Bright it is, but what is the source of its glow? Answer that question, and you just might figure out what this national park Mystery Photo is.

National Park Mystery Photo 39 Revealed

An unusual display provides a vivid reminder that barbed wire fencing is a vital tool.

National Park Mystery Photo 39: An Uncommon Configuration

This is an uncommon configuration of something that is not at all uncommon.

National Park Mystery Photo 38 Revealed: A Very Special White Crust

There is a story behind the donkey's white coat.

National Park Mystery Photo 38: Not an Ordinary Donkey

Do you know where this very special little donkey is on display, and why?

National Park Mystery Photo 37 Revealed: It Floats On Water

To find this boomer, you really need to travel far in the National Park System.

Natonal Park Mystery Photo 37: Whatever Happened to Boomer I?

There are boomers, and then then are boomers. But in the National Park System, what is "Boomer II"? That's the question as the National Park Mystery Photo makes a shaky return to the Traveler.

Natonal Park Mystery Photo 36 Revealed: It Has A Nice Pattern To It

This interesting pattern is indeed man-made, and you can find it if you travel to eastern North Carolina.

National Park Mystery Photo 36: Interesting Pattern, But Where Can You Spy It In the National Park System?

After a short hiatus, the Mystery Photo is back, and we're not starting at Mystery Photo 101. This well-cropped image, we believe, could be a stumper. Of course, someone might recognize it right off.

National Park Mystery Photo 35 Revealed: This Big Gear Turns No More

Long, long ago this big gear was used to help produce a sweet product.

National Park Mystery Photo 35: Big Gear Turning

It's a big gear turning, but where in the National Park System will you find it?

National Park Mystery Photo 34 Revealed: Did You See Who's In Lockup In The National Park System?

Ok, burlesque is not normally on display within the National Park System.

Natinal Park Mystery Photo 34: This Was Taken Inside the National Park System?

OK, burlesque is not normally associated with the National Park System, but there are times...can you name this time and where the photo was taken?

National Park Mystery Photo 33 Revealed: If You're Afraid of Heights You Won't Get This Photo

Without such a type cropping, it becomes fairly clear that this Mystery Photo is none other than a portion of the Old Faithful Inn's roof!

National Park Mystery Photo 33: It Definitely Says "Parkitecture," But Where Is It?

The architectural trend towards romantic rusticity often is traced back to Gilbert Stanley Underwood and can be found throughout much of the National Park System. But where can you spot this example?

National Park Mystery Photo 32 Revealed: One of Three In a Row

The recent haste in which readers have been solving the Traveler's Mystery Photos prompted us to go to extremes this time around and use a more tightly cropped photo.

National Park Mystery Photo 32: What Object Might This Be?

With hopes of baffling the most-skilled of national park sleuths we've gone to extremes with our cropping tool for the Traveler's latest Mystery Photo. Winners need not only identify what it is, but locate the park in which it was taken.

National Park Mystery Photo 31 Revealed: Lewis Mountain Negro Area Sign Exhibit at Shenandoah

An exhibit at Shenandoah National Park tells the story of an area of the park that once operated as a racially segregated facility called the Lewis Mountain Negro Area.

National Park Mystery Photo 31: A Reminder That Things Were Once Very Different

Where will you find this reminder of pre-Civil Rights era racial segregation in the national parks?

2010 in Review: National Park Brain Teasers

During 2010 our Wednesday brain teasers included 13 quizzes, 12 mystery photos, 13 mystery spots, and 11 mystery plants. Here are the lists with handy links.

National Park Mystery Photo 30: Kinda Sharp Looking, Ain't They?

What have we here, and in which unit of the National Park System were they photographed? Don't forget, there's often a story attached to every picture.

National Park Mystery Photo 29 Revealed: Standard U.S. Cavalry Dress Headwear, Circa mid-19th Century

Stroll the barracks at Fort Laramie National Historic Site and part of what you'll see are some of the dress uniforms the U.S. Cavalry kept on hand for special occasions. Literally topping these uniforms are ornate helmets that some believe have a Prussian inspiration.

National Park Mystery Photo 29: Pretty Fancy Headwear, No?

A rich array of historical clothing items can be found in the National Park System, but what do you make of this? And where can you see it today?

National Park Mystery Photo 28 Revealed: Where the Cowboys Slept At Grant-Kohrs Ranch

Bunkhouse Row at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site in Montana is the answer to the Traveler's latest Mystery Photo.

National Park Mystery Photo 28: Shelter from the Elements

The return of the Mystery Photo pulled this accompanying shot from our pool of candidates. Do you know not just what it is, but where in the National Park System you can find it for your own photo?

National Park Mystery Photo 27 Revealed: Street At Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

Sometimes digging up the recent past uncovers something from the past. That proved to be the case at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park when they removed the asphalt from the street in front of the Wright Brothers' Cycle Company.

National Park Mystery Photo 27: Hard to Figure

This Mystery Photo, submitted by long-time Traveler Jon Merryman, highlights a hard surface in the National Park System. But just what is that surface and where might you find it?

National Park Mystery Photo 26 Revealed: A Sluice Gate At Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Sluice gate, Ozark National Scenic Riverways. Copyright Marty Koch.
During his career as a national park ranger Marty Koch got around quite a bit. He captured this Mystery Photo of a sluice gate at at Alley Spring Mill in Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Missouri.
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