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National Park Mystery Photo 26: Water on the Run

The trick with this Mystery Photo likely might not be in identifying what this photo shows, but rather in correctly stating where it was taken.

National Park Mystery Photo 25 Revealed: It's The Cowboy Camp At Canyonlands National Park

Cowboys and the landscape that today is Canyonlands National Park long went together. Early in the 1900s, one cattle company actually grazed from the area now known as Natural Bridges National Monument all the way north into the Needles District of Canyonlands.

National Park Mystery Photo 24 Revealed: Some Saguaros Stand Tall Even After They're Gone

Saguaro skeleton, Saguaro National Park, Kurt Repanshek photo.
Not being a frequent visitor to the Sonoran desert, when I first spied a downed and dead saguaro cactus in Saguaro National Park, I really wasn't sure what to make out of the bundle of "sticks." Only after I spied an upright bundle did I put the pieces together in my mind.

National Park Mystery Photo 24: Kinda Spindly, Ain't It?

We don't want to be too revealing with this Mystery Photo, for that just might give it away. But we will tell you it's bigger than a breadbox. More tomorrow for those who have no idea what this might be.

National Park Mystery Photo 23 Revealed: Stonewall Jackson's Deathbed

This week's Mystery Photo was of the bed in which Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson died eight days after being wounded by his own troops who mistook him in the dark of night.

National Park Mystery Photo 23: Who Slept Here?

There are across the National Park System thousands of beds, some for sleeping in, some for looking at. If you know who slept here, you'll know where this bed stands.

National Park Mystery Photo 22 Revealed: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

There are many great places to paddle in the National Park System, whether you choose to go by canoe, raft, or sea kayak. And, there also are many park shorelines that are dotted with caves and grottoes.

National Park Mystery Photo 22: Where Do You Need To Travel For This Shot?

There are lots of great places to paddle in the National Park System, and lots of parks with caves and grottoes along their shorelines. But which unit of the system would you have to visit for this shot?

National Park Mystery Photo 21 Revealed: Congaree National Park "Skeeter Meter"

While many national parks rightfully can claim miserable concentrations of ravenous mosquitoes in summer months, Congaree National Park actually offers visitors this "skeeter meter" for gauging just how bad things are in the swamps.

National Park Mystery Photo 21: Trying To Avoid the War Zone

More than a few national parks are well-known for their ravenous mosquitoes. I can personally attest that you don't want to be on Shoshone Lake in Yellowstone National Park in July unless you actually enjoy feeding these bloodsuckers. In which park can you spot this skeeter meter?

National Park Mystery Photo 20 Revealed: A Door Knob At Scotty's Castle In Death Valley National Park

Well, it appears we had a pretty good stumper in this latest Mystery Photo, though one reader came close enough to identify where the photo was taken, but not explain exactly what it was.

National Park Mystery Photo 20: What Curious Thing Is This?

Time is reflected in the worn profile of this animal, that much is obvious. But where in the National Park System can you set your eyes upon it?

National Park Mystery Photo 19 Revealed: The Tiger Wall

Tiger Wall, Dinosaur National Monument, Kurt Repanshek photo
Most national park travelers won't spot this site, for it takes a river trip to reach it. But for those who paddle the Yampa River through Dinosaur National Monument, the Tiger Wall is well-known.

National Park Mystery Photo 19: My, What Nice Stripes You Have!

OK, guessing where this National Park System mystery photo was taken will either be really easy, or a killer. Let the guessing begin, and if it becomes a huge struggle we'll drop in some hints. But not too many.

National Park Mystery Photo 18 Revealed: The Wright Brothers Memorial

Yes, this week's Mystery Photo was none other than of the Wright Brothers Memorial at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park in Dayton, Ohio.

National Park Mystery Photo 18: What's One More Monument/Statue/Memorial in the National Park System?

Tour the National Park System and you'll find more than a few statues, monuments, and memorials. Statues of war heroes, monuments honoring something that happened (usually long ago), and memorials honoring somebody or some event (often somber). But what's the motivation behind this memorial, and where is it?

National Park Mystery Photo 17 Revealed: The Ceiling of Desert View Watchtower in Grand Canyon National Park

It'd take a sharp eye, and a head bent backwards, to admire this view of the ceiling of the Desert View Watchtower in Grand Canyon National Park.

National Park Mystery Photo 17: Well, It's Certainly Colorful

Well, without a doubt this is certainly a colorful photograph. But where in the National Park System can you capture the same image?

National Park Mystery Photo 16: Something Curious This Way Came

It seems to be flat, and it's certainly colorful, but what the heck is it? Bonus points if you know where it is.

National Park Mystery Photo 15 Revealed: Annie Moore Was First at Ellis Island

That wisp of a smile belonged to Annie Moore, the first immigrant processed at Ellis Island, which you find today at the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

National Park Mystery Photo 15: What's She Smiling About?

It's subtle, almost Mona Lisa-ish, but there's definitely a hint of a smile on this lady's lips. Why might that be?

National Park Mystery Photo 14 Revealed: A Brainy Block

During the colonial days of the West Indies, building supplies were much in demand. Ingenious builders looked to the sea for some of their construction materials, and came away with a particularly good item, one that started out pliable but soon turned to rock. Or at least rock-like.

National Park Mystery Photo 14: You Might Know What This Is, But Where is It?

The "Mystery Photo" puzzler returns after a short hiatus, and with what the editor hopes will be a bit of a stumper.

National Park Mystery Photo 13 Revealed: Listening Chairs at Yellowstone's Grant Village Visitor Center

Well, as much as it might be interesting to have a spot in the National Park System where we could be beamed off to another location, these pods actually were "listening chairs" in a Yellowstone National Park visitor center.

National Park Mystery Photo 13: Beam Me Up Scotty!

Could this be a scene out of Star Trek? Are those transporter pods? The setting certainly does have that sci-fi appeal to it, no? But where in the National Park System is it?

National Park Mystery Photo 12 Revealed: It's Voyageurs National Park

Change. Sometimes it's just easier to notice it from overhead. That was the point of this week's Mystery Photo, which surfaced from Voyageurs National Park.

National Park Mystery Photo 11: And What Room Might This Be?

This is a curious setting for a national park, don't you think?

National Park Mystery Photo 10 Revealed: Dr. Quinn Could Have Identified This Photo

If there was a trick to this week's Mystery Photo, it was that the buildings were not authentic. Rather, this the Western Town at Paramount Ranch in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

National Park Mystery Photo 10: Name that Location

It's definitely not 21st Century architecture, but then, the National Park System is home to a wide array of architectural styles. Can you identify this location?

National Park Mystery Photo 9 Revealed: Reviewing Stand? Hardly!

He was known, quite appropriately, as the "hanging judge." During his 21 years at Fort Smith, Judge Isaac C. Parker sent 160 men to the gallows, a replica of which this Mystery Photo depicts.
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