National Park Week Puzzle

June's Contest Winner Of A Lodging Guidebook Is.....RoadRanger!

Either June's contests were particularly difficult, or readers decided to go on vacation, as only 25 qualified for a copy of David and Kay Scott's Complete Guide to the National Park Lodges.

And May's Winner Of A Vapur Element Water Vessel Is....

A deep field qualified for our monthly prize in May, that of a Vapur Element water bottle.

National Park Week Quiz #7: Word Cube Brain Twister

Have a blank sheet of paper and a pen handy when you tackle this one. Also make sure you are properly caffeinated.

National Park Week Quiz #5: If You Have It

Can you tell us where in the National Park System this mystery spot is?

National Park Week Quiz #4: The Two-Step

This one is as easy as one, two, three, four. Or is it four, three, two, one? Maybe two, four, one, three?

National Park Week Quiz #3: Hidden Parks

You don’t need to solve all of these.

National Park Week Quiz #2: Find It And Fix It

These park names are a comedy of errors, but you can fix ‘em. Or can you?

National Park Week Quiz #1: Multiplying Bill Clinton’s Park

Eleven park names satisfy our requirement, but you only need to name eight, and we’ll even give you one for a head start (no extra charge).
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