Park History

Crater Lake, On Average, Is Deepest Lake in North America

It's easy to determine that Crater Lake is not the deepest lake in North America when you focus on maximum depth. But what happens when you compare lakes by "average" depth?

Online Geothermal Inventory to Yellowstone National Park

I have yet to find someone not fascinated, if not mesmerized, by the geothermal features to be found in Yellowstone National Park. And now there's a great on-line resource to help "geyser gazers" track the park's geothermal resources without living the comforts of home.

Park History: Arches National Park

How would you describe Arches National Park to someone who had never been to the Southwest? You could try to explain the landscape by comparing it to the old Flintstones cartoons, but what if they weren't familiar with the Flintstones? Do you think they'd believe you if you said Arches was a cathedral of rocks, where gravity doesn't always work, where the sunsets stain the cliffs?

Park History: Congaree National Park

Though a veritable youngster in the national park realm, Congaree National Park is a vegetative museum, harboring some of the eastern United States' tallest trees in what's said to be the largest old-growth bottomland hardwood forest in the country.

Park History: Theodore Roosevelt National Park

A tribute to Teddy Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt National Park sprawls across the same North Dakota landscape where the nation's 26th president established his Maltese Cross Ranch in 1883. Today the park marks its 29th birthday.

Park History: Badlands National Park

Mykl Roventine photo.
Given birth as a national monument in 1939 and then transformed into a national park in 1978, Badlands National Park marks its 29th birthday today. Across its 244,000 acres you'll find vestiges of prehistoric life, the largest expanse of protected prairie in the park system, and a rebounding mammal once thought bound for extinction.

Rockefeller Family Turns Over More than 1,100 Acres to Grand Teton National Park

After negotiating a paperwork gauntlet, a tract of more than 1,100 acres has been transferred by the Rockefeller family to Grand Teton National Park.

Park History: How Volcanics Sculpted Parts of the National Park System

Talk volcanoes and national parks and folks usually think of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and perhaps Lassen Volcanic National Park. In truth, though, there are at least 13 units of the national park system that have a volcanic past in some form or fashion.
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