Park Planning

Should a Cesar Chavez Site be Added to the National Park System?

Should a site "significant to the life of Cesar Chavez and the farm labor movement in the western United States" be added to the National Park System? The NPS is now seeking your comments, and public meetings on the possibility are being held in six locations in coming days.

Public Input Sought for the Bodie Island Alternative Transportation Study at Cape Hatteras National Seashore

The National Park Service is soliciting input on proposed alternative transportation strategies developed for Bodie Island at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. A public meeting has been scheduled for August 4. Written comments should be submitted by August 19.

Bona fide Deal or Bailout? Should the NPS Acquire Grant's Farm near St. Louis?

Old McDonald had his farm, but Grant's Farm, owned by the Busch family of brewing fame, puts him to shame. Their place near St. Louis is home to some 100 species of animals, including zebras, elephants and farm animals, and it's recently been studied as a possible addition to the National Park System. Is this a bona fide prospect for the NPS—or another bailout?

How to Fix the National Mall? The NPS has a Plan and Welcomes Your Comments

National Mall view.
The National Mall is often described as the nation's front yard, and the lawn has bare spots, the walks are cracking, the porch is sagging. It's time for a serious facelift, the NPS is working on a plan to restore the Mall, and your comments are welcome.

How to Manage Vehicles at Denali National Park? The Discussion is Underway

Park shuttle bus at Denali.
Denali National Park offers one of the premier wildlife viewing opportunities in the country, along with superb scenery, vast wilderness areas … and that famous mountain. Faced with growing visitation, the park is pondering how to manage vehicle access, and you're invited to participate in the discussion.

Will Coltsville Join the National Park System?

The blue onion dome on the Colt East Armory.
Unless you're from Hartford, CT, or are a serious fan of firearms history, you may not be familiar with Coltsville. Local boosters hope to have the area added to the National Park System, and Congress directed the NPS to evaluate the idea. The results of a lengthy study have now been released. Is a Coltsville NPS site now a long shot?

Should Timpanogos Cave National Monument Replace Switchbacks with Stairs?

The trail to Timpanogos Cave
Part of the trail that provides access to the cave at Timpanogos Cave National Monument is subject to dangerous rockfalls. Park officials propose replacing switchbacks near the cave exit with stairs to reduce the hazard, and they're accepting public comments on the idea.

After Plenty of Debate, General Management Plan for Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is Completed

Cover of new GMP.
It's taken nearly two years and created more than a little controversy, but the final General Management Plan for Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis (which includes the "Gateway Arch") has been completed and released for public review. What happens next?

Several New Trails Proposed at Denali National Park. Comments are Now Being Received

Denali and the park road.
Several new short trails are being proposed at Denali National Park to help protect park resources, improve visitor safety and add additional recreational and interpretive opportunities. The park is now accepting public comments on the plan. Here's a summary of the project.

June 30 is Deadline for Comments on Death Valley Wilderness Stewardship Plan

If you’d like to comment on wilderness resource values and management alternatives in the largest named wilderness in the continental U.S., you’ve still got time, but you’d better hurry. The deadline for public input on the Death Valley Wilderness Stewardship Plan has been extended to June 30.

The Future of the "Gateway Arch" is On the Table—Will You be Part of the Discussion?

Gateway Arch.
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis and the grounds around the "Gateway Arch" could look very different in the years to come, depending upon the outcome of a plan that is currently being developed. This plan could have far-reaching implications and public comments are currently being accepted. Here's what you need to know about this issue.

Welcome to "Paradise on Earth, California style"

The Gillette Ranch.
Here's some good news as we near the end of 2008—you're part-owner of a spot described as "Paradise on earth, California style." Your on-site managers are working on a plan for the place, and you're welcome to give them your ideas.

Time Running Out to Comment on Everglades Management Plan

Less than two weeks remain for you to comment on the proposed changes to the management plan for Everglades National Park. This document, which addresses everything from managing wilderness to boat use in the park, will guide on-the-ground decisions in Everglades for the next 15 to 20 years.
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