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Joshua Tree National Park Makes It Easier To Report Vandalism

Joshua Tree National Park, as well as many other parks across the country, has experienced a notable increase in visitation in recent years. With that increase also means an increase of graffiti and acts of intentional vandalism within the park. With that in mind, park officials are making it easier for you to report vandalism in the park.

Colorado River Trail Reopens At Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park trail crew have been able to repair a section of the Colorado River Trail damaged by a rockslide. The trail between Pipe Creek and Silver Bridge is now open to foot traffic, though it remains closed to stock use. Hikers can access Phantom Ranch via the Bright Angel Trail and the South Kaibab Trail.

Bears Ears National Monument Landscape Rivals, And In Cases Surpasses, That Of Notable National Parks

What does a landscape contain, and how do you measure its richness? Is it just the soil beneath your feet and the vegetation that rises up and adds texture and even structure? What about the sky overhead and, of course, the naturalness and ecological integrity?
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