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Death Valley National Park Seeks Grant To Restore Areas Damaged By ORVs

Visitors from around the world complain about off-road vehicle tracks marring the beauty of Death Valley National Park. Illegal off-road driving is a problem in multiple areas of the park, including the Racetrack, Ibex Dunes and Badwater. The National Park Service seeks public support for a grant application that would help fund restoration of these damaged areas.

Investigation Into Sexual Harassment At De Soto National Memorial Turns Up Number Of Problems

An investigation into sexual harassment charges against a management official at De Soto National Memorial in Florida not only found credence in the allegations, but also uncovered a number of other inappropriate issues for the manager, a report released Thursday said.

Cutting Infested Trees Has Suppressed Pine Beetles At Fire Island National Seashore

While parks are battling an aphid-like insect that is devastating Eastern hemlock stands, Fire Island National Seashore announced last week that cutting down infested trees has significantly diminished its population of invasive southern pine beetles, which can attack and kill pine trees in two to four months.

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