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National Park Service Sued Over Oil Exploration At Big Cypress National Preserve

A National Park Service decision to allow for oil exploration in Big Cypress National Preserve on Wednesday drew a lawsuit from a coalition of environmental groups that fear the seismic work could adversely impact wildlife including the endangered Florida panther and pose a threat to "drinking water for many South Floridians."
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Boots, Boats And Copters Needed To Track Vegetation Patterns In Everglades National Park

To truly map the vegetation in Everglades National Park requires a “land, air, and sea approach.” The latest video in the “Outside Science (inside parks)” series follows young scientists into the Florida wetlands as they use helicopters and airboats to track how the vegetation is changing in the park.

National Parks Are Managed In Very Inconsistent Ways...Or Are They?

Running more than 160 pages, the National Park Service Management Policies provides park managers with quick reference to how they are to manage their units, what uses are appropriate, and how to usher visitors out of the park when Congress fails to fund the National Park Service. But the Management Policies, which last were updated in 2006, also leave much to interpretation and exception.

Climbing Guide Was Trying To Free Gear When He Fell To His Death At Grand Teton National Park

The most unnerving moment of my climb to the summit of Grand Teton in its namesake national park in Wyoming came on the way down via the Owen-Spalding Route. We had come to the point where you have a free rappel of about 100-120 feet, and after the guide tied me into the rappel line and checked my harness and rappel device, I took a step back toward the brink of the cliff, only to have him shout, "Wait, wait," and then proceed to retie the gear.

Float Through Canyonlands National Park With The Traveler

Late September into October is typically a season of transition for much of the country, but in Canyonlands National Park it offers daytime temperatures in the upper 80s and into the 90s, cool evenings, and scant chance of rain. And when the sun goes down, telescopes will come out on the banks of the Colorado River during Traveler's float through this national park.

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