Traveler's View: Republican Presidential Contenders' Dim View of Federal Lands Is Short-Sighted

Though national parks, per se, haven't come up during any of the debates among the Republican presidential candidates, their statements on federal lands in general look down upon the public landscape.

What Would Teddy Think?

Tetons with Jackson Lake. Kurt Repanshek photo.
What should we think of a congressman on a national parks subcommittee who endorses a resolution “recognizing that country music has made a tremendous contribution to American life and culture,” and yet opposes legislation that would create hundreds of thousands of acres of official wilderness across the National Park System?

Election 2008: Fearless Forecasts, Foregone Conclusions, and Prescient Prognostications

The campaigns are over, the results are in, and it’s time to consider what the 2008 elections portend for the National Park System. We highlight several foregone conclusions, make a couple of fearless forecasts, and invite you, the readers, to share your prognostications.

How is Secretary Kempthorne Doing After Year One?

Dirk Kempthorne is sworn in as Secretary of the Interior; White House photo by Eric Draper.
It's been just over a year since Dirk Kempthorne was sworn in as the new Secretary of the Interior. The Seattle Times has written an article reviewing some of the highs and lows for Mr. Kempthorne since he's been in office.

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Monumental Confusion

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Developers To Build Busy Road Through Petroglyph N.M.

Grizzly Numbers

Retirees on NPS Rules Rewrite

Passionate About Snowmobiles in Yellowstone

For Now, No Target Practice in Park

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