This Just In : Fort Hancock STILL a Mess

Officers Club at Ft Hancock Needs Some Work; NPS Photo
The saga at Fort Hancock continues. A judge has ruled the 60 year lease given to a developer by the NPS, to manage the dilapidated old public buildings commercially, has not broken any rules. The developer still hasn't come up with the money yet, but he's got 90 more days to prove that he can get it (or else, perhaps, get another extension).

Like No Other Park in the System (I Hope)

eltonlin Photo
Can you imagine a national park where you'd be able to learn about the life of Walt Disney? A park where you can pose with Yoda? A park where you can set up your high-tech business next to others like Alexa, and Discovery Mining? And a park where can you relax with a round of golf? Imagine no more, because this park unit actually exists and is managed by the NPS.
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